Saturday, August 4, 2012

happy day mini album

i have another mini (or not so much) album to share with you today.  the papers, book, embellishments, and ribbon came from a Button Farm Club kit a long time ago.

like the last mini album, there are some similarities:
  1. no pictures yet.
  2. i followed about 1/2 of the directions for the kit, made up the rest.
  3. i added extras.
  4. LOVE doing these!
so... let's get down to business (sorry, not "to defeat the Huns...")  haha, do i have you singing that Disney song from "Mulan" yet?

anyway, the front of my album was really fun to make (lots of layers and elements).  probably my favorite feature of the whole album is the hexagonal shapes throughout... the honeycomb if you want to call it that...  it just makes designing a scrapbook so much fun and keeps it different from everything else by virtue of its shape!

hexagons FOR THE WIN! :D

you can see the cute bicycle on here, the fun big flowers (hey check out those small white flowers too!), and the ledger paper, the woodgrain paper, and the postcard peeking out on the right side...

here we have a close up of the brads on the flower, and you can also see a chipboard element underneath the main element.  butterflies are going to happen throughout this mini album.  fair warning!

postcard... "happy"... and the honeycomb!

first inside pages. the top left page has an element that peeks out from the top (you can see it when you look at the cover of the book), and i covered it with some fun paper from the collection.  added a doily as well.  doilies + projects = perfection.

and that chipboard kite element?  too awesome.  also, please note the double sided paper.  the biggest reason i digressed from the original directions on this album is because sometimes i thought the other side of the patterned paper was prettier.

also, how can you not love the randomly scattered quotes already on the paper throughout this thing?  "i absolutely adore you" would work for ANY type of album.

next pages.  more doilies, layers of paper, and some awesome brads!  seriously, this collection had the coolest brads ever, and i almost hoarded the majority of them, but they go so well with the rest of the elements that i restrained myself.  you should be proud.

it was hard to do.

another quotation, "not all those who wander are lost." -JRR Tolkien

i could love this collection solely for the fact that they quote the author of "The Lord of the Rings."  that's a fact.

okay, here's where i switched things up a LOT.  the chevron bag (LOVE!) holds a perfectly trimmed piece of ledger paper.  then we have some striped banners, a brad or two, flower here, hexagon there...

basically this album pulled itself together.

the right page has another element poking out of the side.  it's another postcard that gets some different patterned paper on the back, you'll see in the page below...

these pages were so fun to do!  the background paper isn't super standout (in my opinion), but the polaroid frames and the doilies, and the honeycomb, and the banners, THOSE are the fun elements.

also, there are some thick flowers on here... gives my album an "it's hard to close up" feeling.  which might be good, might be bad.  dunno yet :D

yay for a checkerboard smattering of patterns.  super fun.  i did follow directions on this one.  another fun banner w/ a quotation on it as well.

"wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine."

when i was working on this album i was in MAJOR recovery mode with my cellulitis.  like, i was staying at my best friends house for a total of two months because i couldn't at the time live on my own or be on my feet long enough to take care of myself.

so i made this album on her couch.  at night.  with a computer lap desk (which fortunately had a cup holder that i converted to a crafty-thing-holder).  and both her and her husband were cool with it.  sometimes we watched "how i met your mother," sometimes we drank wine (after i decided that it didn't matter/ wouldn't react with the antibiotics i was taking 4x a day), sometimes we sat and talked or folded laundry... 

that quotation was a great reminder.  that was not a sunny time (situation-wise).

more polaroid frames.  some tags from a different collection tucked behind them.  more banners.

"sometimes i just have to stop and play a little catch up so i can remember the good times."

how perfect.

brads/ flowers/ borders, and we're set!

these pages were fun to assemble.  i got to browse through the honeycomb papers and pick the best suited ones for the arrangement i was going for.  i think it turned out great, and there's even some negative space in between!

cute little tag on the right hand page... "happy day" and a flower.

"here comes the sun" and "dream" paired together.  there were SO MANY awesome triple layer embellishments in this collection, i really really really almost hoarded them.

but i didn't.

they're here, on these pages.  they look fabulous if i may say so.

you're welcome :D

on the top left side of the album you can see a smattering of the elements that i made to poke out the top of the book... i think it gives some more visual interest and dimension when you look at the overall thing.  might look a bit out of place when you're looking at just one page, but luckily, you get the big picture at the beginning!

"how sweet it is to be loved by you" (now doesn't that quotation just get you singing the James Taylor version?  or maybe Michael Buble?  hehe :D  both, for me!)

the back.

"adorable and oh so charming.  inside and out."

what a perfect quotation for the back!  doilies, some washi tape (didn't use a whole bunch on this one), a border, and the few remaining chipboard buttons or brads were added.

such fun.  

and there you have it.  now my fingers feel like falling off.  do your eyes get tired after looking at all these pictures?  i sure hope not!

i'd love to read your comments on this album, the collection, the design, WHATEVER!  you can even bring up Disney movies if that makes you happy... they make me happy :D

thanks for stopping by, xoxo


~amy~ said...

Love your mini! Awesome colors, patterns & embellies!

Unknown said...

Are you selling this??? Because if so, I'm buying it. I'm serious.

Unknown said...

Um, weird. Don't know why that comment came up "unknown." It's me, LeAna. :)

Paulina said...

This is gorgeous, Ginny! The hexagons= so trendy right now! Love all the details (as usual) and woohoo for someone interested in buying this beauty. :)

Cecelia said...

ADORBS. I love it.