Monday, August 20, 2012

monday manicure: 80's rocker/ funk?

hi there!

happy monday to you :D

i'm going to keep this short and sweet... i've got things to do, places to go, people to see!  i did this manicure a while ago (when i was recovering from cellulitis), and i didn't have a whole bunch of nail polish on hand.

i used some Essie nail color, some crackle polish, and scotch tape!

yes, you read that right... scotch tape.

back when i had tons of time on my hands, i was checking out a lot of nail blogs (and obviously not able to keep my nails long either) as well as pinterest, and saw this cool way of doing your nails.  so i tried it.

  1. get strip of tape.
  2. paint tape.
  3. let dry.
  4. cut to desired length/ shape/ etc (i cut some thick strips and skinny ones for my thumb, and a heart [plus a crackle layer] for my middle finger)
  5. apply nail polish to fingers as normal
  6. quickly add tape as desired.
  7. top coat.
  8. done.
it's really not as hard as my list makes it look.

i think the manicure is 'okay.' (gosh, i really didn't know how to be careful around my cuticles back then, did i?)  let me tell you, the hearts were the hardest things to cut EVER!  but i did borrow this cute heart jewel, which you don't even realize unless you're close.

so there you go.  i was trying for short, but meh!

thanks for stopping by, xoxo