Wednesday, August 8, 2012

announcement: good things!

hi everyone!

just wanted to give you a heads up on something that's really exciting for me.

a creative collaboration between an awesome blogger who happens to be an awesome friend.

she's actually the reason i started blogging way back when.

Paulina and i are going to be sharing some projects with you starting the week of August 13th (so just a few days away), and we wanted to make sure you visit both of our blogs that week because we have some crafty awesomeness up our sleeves.

we even created a graphic to remind you about it...  we're calling this a blog team-up, because that's really what it is :D

so stop by and say hello... i've seen a sneak peek of one of Paulina's projects, and it's AMAZING! :D  i can't give away anything else, so i'll just stop now.

but as if that wasn't enough, we also have an amazing announcement about a new challenge that we're doing. you'll see that announcement on Wednesday, August 15th on both of our blogs :D  (if you haven't noticed, i'm excited!)

thanks for stopping by! xoxo

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Cecelia said...

Super cool! I'm excited to see what you kids have up your sleeves.