Sunday, August 5, 2012

have a blast!

"E.T., phone home!"

okay, i must confess, that movie freaked me out when i was 8.  my family was moving cities/ houses, and my sister and i were unloaded allowed to stay at a friends house.  we'd been there a lot before.  we liked it.

and then we watched E.T.

i'm now 27 and i still haven't re-watched that movie.  i have scars.  i don't know if i'll ever recover.  cecelia, have you recovered?  ugh.  maybe it's just me.  it always is.


anyways, you didn't come here to read about my movie experiences as a child (or maybe you did and you're peeing your pants right now.  if you are, you should probably find some wipes or paper towels or something like that.  might be the sensible thing to do.  instead of, you know...)


okay, :D i'm done screaming.

i did a robot card.  perfect for a boy.  same idea as the other one from earlier in the week.

slightly more work because of the thickers (American Crafts) and letter stickers (instead of stamping a sentiment).  only because i really am particular about my alignment on those things... i like straight lines if they're supposed to be straight.  which obviously these are not meant to be straight.

just ignore me today.


aside from the robot body, everything else is card stock (kraft for the base, and then some collection of randomness from an unknown DCWV pack).  but i made sure it all coordinates.

what little guy wouldn't love to see this smiling face on a birthday card?  hehe, he even makes me smile even though i have numerous horrible bad memories from watching an alien movie when i was younger which isn't even the same as a robot.

what do you think?  little guys?  approved/ not?

thanks for putting up with me stopping by.  i love ya! xoxo


Cecelia said...


And no, I've never fully recovered. Just straight up don't like that movie - and I don't think I ever will.

~amy~ said... girls are so funny:)

Love the robot are you doing in this heatwave?