Saturday, November 29, 2008

party hearty!

so Joey and i just finished making our party invitations for the Christmas party we're having. it was a design that took several sessions to perfect, but we think the end result is pretty amazing. i cut all the unique and beautiful snowflakes on the front, made all the chickies, and typed the information portion. Joey did a lot of glueing.

i've been shopping for the past couple of days and have gotten some REALLY good deals, and i'm really excited about Christmas this year... i think i've gotten some good gifts.

speaking of gifts, i'm going to a party tonight where the birthday girl did NOT want any gifts. so i sat down last night after the invitation frenzy and made a card.

anyway, i took pictures of some of my scrapbook layouts, so i'll post those soon. otherwise, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

Monday, November 24, 2008

i love chickies

so yeah... as you can probably tell, i've been converted and am now posting pictures of my projects. at least this one.
i made these goodie bags for my swim team girls "end of the year banquet" where i handed out awards and said nice things about everyone.
i wasn't really looking forward to doing the speeches and handing out awards (mostly because it's awkward seeing parents who never came to meets, and the girls aren't used to seeing me every day like they had been during swim season), but what made it bearable was the fact that i was coping with all the anxiety by making something fun.
first i filled bags with candy (all candy and bags were from the Dollar Tree... great place!). then i printed out some little tags that said...
I had a SUPER "TWEET" time
coaching you this season. Go
BHS Braves Swimming 2008!
Love Coach
i punched a hole through the tag, tied ribbon through the hole, and tied the ribbon to the bags. then i had made these chickie tags from DeNami Design stamps (circle dot frame and chickie stamps) and layered them on colorful paper and attached them to the other end of the ribbon. i made sure to cover the attached ribbon by adding a backing of paper behind the chickies.
anyway... that's about all i've done. well, i did make some cards earlier, but i was playing around, nothing serious.
i've been working on some Christmas party invitations, and i'll post the pictures once they're completed.
in the mean time, have a great Thanksgiving holiday and God bless!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

first post...

so yeah.

after going to the scrapbooking seattle 08 event in the meydenbauer center in bellevue, wa, courtesy of denami design via paulina, she convinced me to start a blog.

she wasn't the only reason that i'm doing this... but i'll outline them in case you don't know.
1) she told me to make one
2) it's easier than emailing everyone (sometimes)
3) it's like a journal, except less personal/ deep
4) i can complain and maybe it'll be okay?
5) i can post projects on here...