Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i heart challenges

so i have two cards for you today... one is from CPS #168. the side panel is supposed to have 4 elements, but my card worked better with only three, so i adjusted accordingly.

i used a lot of Graphic 45 paper, a vintage button, lace, grosgrain and specialty ribbon along with a tag and some bling. the sentiment comes from a DeNami set of sentiments... they're so perfect for these little tags :D

i don't know if you can tell from this picture... the circles are triple layered... i punched out some scalloped and regular circles, and topped them with the Graphic 45 paper.

here's a close up picture. i inked the edges of all the scallops and circles... it helps define the different lines. i kind of went for a similar look to the one in my previous card HERE.

next, i participated in the DeNami Sketch Challenge #2... so fun to see what the other DeNami fans have created for the challenge. it means i get to see more inspiration in regards to some of my favorite stamps :D

i went for a simpler style than the other card... i used all DeNami stamps for the circle dot border, the strawberry, and the sentiment. the patterned paper is from October Afternoon's 'Road Trip' pack.

anyway, i like both of these cards... they're fun in completely different ways :D the colors are more 'me' on the 2nd card...

i don't know what you're planning for the weekend, but i'm really looking for an extended period off of school... can't wait to sleep in and not have anything planned. i am going with Paulina to one of my favorite breakfast restaurants... SunBreak Cafe in Auburn. seriously, so so so good :D i'll have to let you know how it was.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i just love you

i've really been having a lovely week so far... yesterday i was commitment free as far as coaching goes... i went to see the water polo girls for about an hour and then went shopping. i needed groceries so badly. you know how it is when you're sick? you don't want to cook, bake, or do anything that isn't sleeping? yeah, that was me last week, and i still had school and coaching on top of all that (and it was STATE! for that matter).

so i got groceries. i was planning a dinner with some former college water polo players... one was up visiting from CA, and the other now lives not 30 minutes away from me (fancy that, seeing as we went to college together in Pennsylvania!) i decided i was going to make some pizza. i LOVE pizza. i made a veggie pizza (spinach, onion, garlic, tomato, cheese, and red peppers... it was DELICIOUS!) and two chicken bbq bacon pizzas... ah! so good :D i can still smell them. i definitely didn't need to make all that food, because i had leftovers, but i get to save them for meals the rest of this week! :D that's what i call planning *wink*

anyway, the dinner last night was awesome and fun... we talked and laughed so much. told stories, caught up, and just enjoyed each others company. it wasn't nearly long enough, but it was so relaxing, and just what i needed. today, i stopped by the grocery store again after a pretty quiet day at school (1/2 days for conferences this week, and no school on friday because of memorial day! yay :D), and then came home... made a CARD!

i based it off of Kazan's sketch #53 over at 2sketches4you... i decided to make this a quick card, since i was starting at 4:10pm, and i needed to leave the house about 4:30pm... i told myself... i'm only going to use what's on/ near my desk. so i grabbed the Linen stack from DCWV, some of my extra Cricut cuts, a strip or two of ribbon/ lace, and then an ink pad.

the results surprised me a little. i usually don't pressure myself to finish something this pretty so 'fast,' so i'm definitely pleased...

i tried to include as many details as i could... layering flowers and buttons, rhinestones in the corner, some stick pins, a tag with the sentiment, a wooden mini clothespin, and even a transparency i made with Staz-On ink and some overhead projector 'paper' (if you could call it that... maybe acrylic? but not quite...) the sentiment comes from PTI's Delightful Dahlia set... it was super elegant and seemed perfect for this type of card.

i love this old antique look, and even if that's not what i normally create, i can definitely see myself getting into it BIG :D i just like the soft touches and the details you get to layer on and add... so fun.

anyway, i hope you enjoyed--can't wait to hear what you have to say, your comments are so appreciated! :D

Sunday, May 23, 2010

blue/green/glitter/fairy/cupcake/undersea/lovely-type cards

my sister Cecelia wanted me to make her some cards... you can probably guess that the title of my blog post has something to do with what i actually created :D

if that was your guess, then you are correct! i think that the description Cecelia provided me of what she wanted was perfect... open enough for interpretation, but enough direction to give me an idea of what she wants.

these cards need very little introduction other than they were really fun to make, and i really really like getting commissions that let me come up with the ideas on my own... it makes for such a creative process.

the group together with all the fun glitter and trim that i used... see all these lovely different cards? *sigh*

i love the 'frosting' on these cupcakes, don't you? just the right amount of glitter to make them special and delicious looking. Cecelia just did some baking this weekend... don't these REAL cupcakes look divine?

since Cecelia wanted to have an under the sea theme along with fairy/ cupcake, i thought that this little jellyfish from DoodleFactory stamps would be perfect :D so cute, right?

i tripled the sentiment here... "hey cupcake!" is three times the fun when you see it there on an itty bitty tag.

more octopus goodness here... (***EDITED: JELLYFISH. gosh, that's what typing something up really late at night will do to you***) this time with a different ribbon treatment. isn't that double sided satin ribbon awesome? it's from May Arts, and i love LOVE love it :D

for me, i like to pick the papers i'll be working with first when i'm given parameters for a project, but nothing specific. then i usually go with the image that i'm going to use. after that i get the ribbon or embellishments out--the buttons, tags, bling, trim, borders, etc...

while i'm thinking of fun things, let me just tell you that i've had an awesome/ tiring weekend so far. i coach water polo during the spring, and i have been either going to coach practice or a game every day for a couple of months plus several weeks... it's been grueling, i've been sick/ without a voice for a good 2.5 weeks. i seem to yell for a game, almost recover fully, and then lose it again at another game. but the schedule and time commitment has been worth it--in fact, my water polo girls did an amazing job in some games this weekend. my high school girls got 4th place at state! i am really proud of them and all the hard work that they put in...

anyway, you should check out my sister's blog... she's giving away these cards in a giveaway she's having!

thanks for coming by and checking my cards out :D

Thursday, May 20, 2010

the randomness of may (and why the blog got shafted)

Have you missed me? I’ve been gone too long, I know that. I just want you to know that I love posting on here whenever I can, and I love reading your feedback and comments on whatever I make and share. You’re all so encouraging.

The blog has been 'shafted' lately because I haven't had a few necessary things for it to BE updated.
A) time (because I haven't had much lately, things like the blog get put on the back burner when you have school to teach, a water polo team to coach, and 3 chiropractor appts. a week... then there's church, small group... you get the picture :D)
B) no internet at home (this makes scheduling and posting to a blog very difficult, especially when you can't post at work either... library trips become essential, but hard to work into a busy schedule when 'A' is already an issue)
C) motivation (let's face it, I haven't made a whole bunch of cards since I went on a scrapbooking retreat before my bday [which was, btw, AWESOME] so yeah. Sorry!)
Anyway, enough with the excuses... let's get on to the other part of this post--some ramblings about me/ random things. Kind of like the stuff I posted HERE a while ago. Just, you know, for fun.
  1. May is an awesome month—it’s my birthday month, it’s a great month to be teaching school because of all the shortened weeks, and it’s a GREAT month to watch new movies. Somehow, with summer coming up, and directors wanting to have a blockbuster hit, there seem to be tons more good movies to see… like, I’ve already seen the movie Iron Man 2, and I know that it’s going to be a *HUGE* hit. Then there's so many new chick flicks, action movies, and just plain suspenseful films that I want to see...
  2. I've been finding out that my local library has a WONDERFUL selection of DVDs and movies, and it's been addicting to browse the changing collection.
  3. I won a radio contest (just needed to call in to win a CD and a chance to win some concert tickets) and I NEVER win stuff like that.
  4. I stay up late reading good books when I should be sleeping.
  5. I like going fast in my car, but I haven't seen how fast my current car can go (have you found that out? Just curious :D)
  6. I sleep with the bedroom window open ALL the time. LITERALLY. And I have a fan going... I like the noise and the forced 'coldness' of my room so that I can cuddle up in my blankets like a butterfly in its cocoon.
  7. I fold my t-shirts, tank tops, and blouses a certain way... like the stores do. I hate creases down the center of my shirt, I think it's sloppy...
  8. I haven't been to bed before 11pm any night for the last two weeks... horrible, huh? Looks like tonight won't be much different...
  9. I like to wash my car. I like it nice, shiny, and clean :D I've gone to the 'self-wash' car wash place two days in a row because I didn't quite get it right the first time... hehe!
  10. I just got myself a new computer--an Apple MacBook. Look at it! Isn't it pretty?
Okay, so with all that randomness said, I have missed talking and sharing with you all, and I plan on being back here on a more regular basis. There are a few things that I'm super excited to share with you--one of those things being my scrapbook pages that I made at the amazing Seattle retreat. No promises on a timeline yet, I'm coaching my girls water polo team at State this week (AWESOME!) but I promise to post a project soon...

Thanks for stopping by! XOXO

Monday, May 3, 2010

bday blog candy winner!

okay, so today i get to report the winner of my birthday blog candy, and i used to generate a number, and it picked comment #4!

peggy nickelson said...
My birthday is also on May 1st. (although I am older than you are) I am going to lunch with my friend Laura, who also shares the same birthday with us. I am going to celebrate with my husband on Sunday because he works Saturday nights. We are going to church and then out to dinner. I am tickled when I meet people who share the same birthday with me.
Enjoy your special day!

CONGRATULATIONS Peggy! i'll be in touch soon so i can send you your prize :D

thanks so much for your sweet comments and birthday wishes--i had an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING birthday weekend... i got to spend some sweet time with friends and family, and it was really really great :D

thanks again, and have a great monday!