Sunday, May 23, 2010

blue/green/glitter/fairy/cupcake/undersea/lovely-type cards

my sister Cecelia wanted me to make her some cards... you can probably guess that the title of my blog post has something to do with what i actually created :D

if that was your guess, then you are correct! i think that the description Cecelia provided me of what she wanted was perfect... open enough for interpretation, but enough direction to give me an idea of what she wants.

these cards need very little introduction other than they were really fun to make, and i really really like getting commissions that let me come up with the ideas on my own... it makes for such a creative process.

the group together with all the fun glitter and trim that i used... see all these lovely different cards? *sigh*

i love the 'frosting' on these cupcakes, don't you? just the right amount of glitter to make them special and delicious looking. Cecelia just did some baking this weekend... don't these REAL cupcakes look divine?

since Cecelia wanted to have an under the sea theme along with fairy/ cupcake, i thought that this little jellyfish from DoodleFactory stamps would be perfect :D so cute, right?

i tripled the sentiment here... "hey cupcake!" is three times the fun when you see it there on an itty bitty tag.

more octopus goodness here... (***EDITED: JELLYFISH. gosh, that's what typing something up really late at night will do to you***) this time with a different ribbon treatment. isn't that double sided satin ribbon awesome? it's from May Arts, and i love LOVE love it :D

for me, i like to pick the papers i'll be working with first when i'm given parameters for a project, but nothing specific. then i usually go with the image that i'm going to use. after that i get the ribbon or embellishments out--the buttons, tags, bling, trim, borders, etc...

while i'm thinking of fun things, let me just tell you that i've had an awesome/ tiring weekend so far. i coach water polo during the spring, and i have been either going to coach practice or a game every day for a couple of months plus several weeks... it's been grueling, i've been sick/ without a voice for a good 2.5 weeks. i seem to yell for a game, almost recover fully, and then lose it again at another game. but the schedule and time commitment has been worth it--in fact, my water polo girls did an amazing job in some games this weekend. my high school girls got 4th place at state! i am really proud of them and all the hard work that they put in...

anyway, you should check out my sister's blog... she's giving away these cards in a giveaway she's having!

thanks for coming by and checking my cards out :D


Amy said...

Hey Ginny!!

I am so glad to see you back to blogging and I hope you are feeling better.

I think that these cards are absolutely FABULOUS!! I love the colors and all the embellishments and details that you added to them. Each one is different, but they all come together to make such an awesome set.

Amy ♥

~amy~ said...


blue/green/glitter/fairy/cupcake/undersea/lovely-type cards are absolutely fantabulous!!!!! The colors are your choice of doodlefactory images....super perfect!!!

Jenny said...

So cute... love them!!! :) :) :)

celi.a said...

Have I told you recently how flipping fantabulous you are? And how gorgeous your art...I mean, cards are? Because both of those are seriously true. These are just perfect, and I love that your imagination and ingenuity result in lovely creations like these. THANKS for doing such a great job on this commission. You are THE BEST.