Friday, August 31, 2012

pretty in pink, Studio Calico style

hi there!

woohoo, it's Friday!  for me, all that means right now is that i get to play water polo tonight, and let me tell you that has me excited!  i love water polo. 

oh, and Ellen (college roommate) is coming tomorrow :D

it's going to be a super fun weekend; i'm beyond giddy.  seriously.

but there's more than just the weekend that has me happy, it's the set of cards that i made recently.  i used Studio Calico patterned paper from the Hey Day pack in pink tones, and i used my sewing machine on every single one :D  so proud of myself to include some stitching... i've been seriously meaning to break out my machine, but didn't get around to it until recently.

and lately i haven't been able to create a card without a doily--so you'll see a few of those too.

special notes: office tag, MME brad + flower, Tim Holtz washi tape

special notes: Prima canvas flower, MME brad and flower

special notes: office tag, October Afternoon Woodland Park washi tape, MME brad

special note: fancy stitching :D and MME tag + brad
so there you have my "pretty in pink" cards.

oh, just a reminder from me and Paulina--the next 10 Minute Craft Dash Challenge is coming out soon--we can't wait to share what we're up to!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

banners and tags and more, oh my!

hi there!

a few posts back i posted an instagram picture with a cupcake and a sneak peek at some crafty makings.

i wanted to take a tiny break from my usual card projects.  so, i decided to make a little banner where the individual pieces could be used as gift tags or added to a plain card front.  the results would be fabulous either way i wanted it to work...

so, here we go! be prepared for a plethora of pictures & forgive the fact that the individual close ups are out of order:

the tags/ banner parts all feature similar elements, i figured it was easier to just list them all at the end:

stamped flowers from Delightful Dahlias - PTI
map stickers - Borders
polka dotted patterned paper - Creative Paper Trails
gingham patterned paper - Creative Paper Trails
banner flags - Creative Paper Trails
wood veneer butterflies - Studio Calico
wood veneer stars - Studio Calico
white on white fabric - fat quarter from Jo-Ann's
doilies - from baking section at Jo-Ann's/ Michael's
pearls - Jo-Ann's
buttons - October Afternoon, Woodland Park collection
tag punches - Stampin' Up
puffy fabric stickers/ embellishments - Pebbles/ another one from Michael's
other felt embellishments - CKC Scrapbook Convention (i forget!)
paper clips with circle words on top - Melody Ross
safety pins - Tim Holtz
blingy brads - Recollections from Michael's
gold glitter stickles - Studio G from Michael's
whale paper clip - from my sister
canvas flowers - Prima
plastic flowers - Recollections
burlap rectangles and canvas triangles (for the base) - Ben Franklin
white tags (for the base) - Impress Rubber Stamps

so there you have it... a bunch of this and a bunch of that thrown in together... all in all it works though.  i like to mix and match it (as you can probably tell).  i'd love to hear what you think!

thanks for stopping by, xoxo

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

winners of all shapes and sizes!

hello, happy wednesday!

doesn't quite seem like the middle of the week to me, but i'm not complaining :D  just wanted to pop in and direct you to a special post regarding the winners of the 10 Minute Craft Dash!  go HERE to check it out... it might be you!

also, i have to show you something that i won the other day from Amy Tsuruta's blog birthday week :D  she was such a sweetie and had a different offering of golb ydnac (read it backwards :D) every day, and i happened to win this super cute stamp from Jane's Doodles:

she also sent along one of her sweet card creations--i felt so special! thanks Amy, you're the best.

and in other winning news, i called in to a radio station on monday night, and i won some tickets to Seattle's Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival!  so excited, because that means i have some options when Ellen, my college roommate, comes to visit :D

so overall, it's felt kind of busy this week in a good way!

this is going to be a short post, but thanks for stopping by, xoxo

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

tag obsession


so happy to be popping in here again with some crafty stuff to show off.  before i do, i wanted to thank everyone who participated in the 10 Minute Craft Dash for our very first challenge!  Paulina and I are blown away by your creativity and excitement over our new endeavor, and we're so thankful for all your kind words and encouragement--and especially when you decide to play along!

today i'm sharing a 'set' of cards that use the same papers, washi tape, doilies, tags, and Studio Calico veneer wood pieces.  some of the fabric ribbon is different, but the idea is the same on all of them.


yay for pearls and a fun flower accent!

decided to add some major bling and a Martha Stewart doily to this one

October Afternoon button threaded with solid blue twine, and butterfly from Prima

banner stamps are from Dear Lizzy set, super fun!

and there you have it!  as a side note, my family celebrated my brother Peter's birthday on Saturday.  he's 18 months younger than me, and the oldest of three boys... (my older sister Cecelia has her own dedicated post here.)  we had a fun time at the restaurant we ate at, but the best part was watching Peter open his presents... he had very specific suggestions for gifts, which is great because sometimes we have problems buying for him and end up giving him $$ or gift cards.  but this time it was pretty straight forward.  he wanted Crocs and a track jacket.

well, i helped my mom go shopping, and i we had to travel to a mall we never shop at to get the shoes, but we got them.  and i got some of those charms you can add to the holes (Captain America and footballs because the Seattle Seahawks are like his FAVORITE TEAM EVER). and then we went searching for a track jacket.


no dice.

so we were about to just give in and get him some movie tickets (which would have been perfectly acceptable), but i spotted the Seattle Team Store... and they had a Seahawks track jacket, in his size.  my mom was the last one to get him a present, and i told her if she got it for him, he would FLIP.OUT.  she was not as sure that would be his reaction, but i just knew he'd love it.

and when he opened that gift... the look on his face, and his smile, and his disbelief and his repeated "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh-my-GOSH!" were just the thing.  he's great at receiving gifts (makes you feel great no matter what you give), but this time was really special and he was just so excited.  i loved it.  made my day :D

so there's a little bit about my weekend... hope yours was fabulous... this week i'm gearing up for my roommate from college to come visit--i CAN'T wait to see her (i think i've mentioned this before :D)

but anyway, thanks for stopping by, xoxo

Monday, August 27, 2012

monday manicure: the blues :(

happy monday!

maybe i should clarify right off the bat... i'm not seriously depressed here (minorly, but i'm currently on pills for that, and let me just say, they're working and i'm so thankful), this manicure just happens to have tons of blue in it.  if you just want the nail part, skip a few paragraphs :D

i know not everyone likes the idea of pills, and i certainly don't love the idea either, but.  i have gone through a lot this year, and it's been really tough.  being sick for three months, like 'not-being-able-to-stay-at-my-own-place-sick.'  and getting laid off.  and moving out of my own place.  and not finding a job right away.  (still no job.)  it's not just little stuff, it's BIG stuff, and i wasn't dealing with it correctly... kinda just needed some help.  so i'm taking a pill for a while to help me manage (it's actually the lowest possible dosage... my doctor didn't think i needed too much).  and it's made a big difference.  like, the next day i could tell.  so i'm okay with that.  i know it's not forever.  but for now, it's right.

and actually, last week when i went to my doctor again for a check up, she was really happy with the results... i had been taking my pill for about two weeks, and i seemed to have something in my step, she noticed my eyes were brighter, and i was giggling.

you see, the last time i went to the doctor, about three weeks ago, i couldn't stop crying.  like, i was trying to talk, i started to tear up, and next thing i knew i was depleting the Kleenex box.  i just couldn't help it; i would "compose" myself and then start explaining what was going on, and then i'd start again.

so my doctor knew i needed something.  she took some blood to do some tests, and i got results back that i'm low in vitamin D.  no surprise, living in Washington, so i'm on a booster for that (which helps with mood too).  but last Thursday, i was giggling about something and my doctor stopped, she looked at me, and she said, "I don't think I've ever heard you giggle before."

and if you know me, or have been following along, you know that i'm this bright, happy, confident, LAUGHING person.  but i hadn't been, and my doctor hadn't seen it for a long time... so for right now, these pills are helping, and i'm fine with it.  i'm glad i'm being more like me.  because sometimes i just get tired of crying, you know?

*SIGH* thanks for bearing with me.  or maybe you just skipped down to here... which is fine.  on to my nails!

the real reason it's titled "the blues" is because i'm using three different blue polishes.  i might be obsessed.  in fact, i'm sure i am :D

so i used some Nina Ultra Pro for the deep navy on the sides, Revlon longwear blue for the large center stripes, and then there's this shimmery blue small stripe i got from a friend.  the thumb nail has the Essie glitter from luxeffects that i can't seem to stop using.  you can see it in my other monday manicure posts too :D

that's all for me today... thanks for stopping by, xoxo!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

instagram love.

hi there!  happy thursday! :D

not many words in this post, i think the pictures do the talking...

the view from the ferris wheel, (right side) at NW Washington Fairgrounds in Lynden.

view from the ferris wheel, (left side) with mountains in the distance.  nothing more fun than the fair.

free ride bracelets (thanks to youngest brother Joey's construction company deciding to throw a picnic) made for a fun 'race' down the slides.  from L to R, Peter, Dad, Joey.

using my sewing machine a lot lately for some really fun projects :D

that's all.  i'm so glad you don't mind me not 'talking' as much :D or, if you do want more chatter, read up on some older stuff... or email me!

thanks for stopping by, xoxo

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

three of a kind

good afternoon!

i'm popping in really quick before i go about my day... i forgot to post this card after i did the editing of the photo (gasp, i KNOW, i actually edited it--say "edited it" a couple times as fast as you can, ha!)

it's something simple that i whipped up last week, a strip of Studio Calico paper on the side, some October Afternoon washi tape, and then the butterflies from the Recollections paper pack that i can't seem to get enough of.  then a doily, some fabric ribbon, a few brads, and hooray!  cute card!

like i said, simple, but lately i can't enough of that...

i've been busy with some fussier crafting lately, look out for a post coming before the end of the week, it's going to be great!

i had my last band concert of the summer last night, it went amazingly well... now i'm switching gears to get ready for one of my roommates from college to come visit the first weekend in September.  i get to plan a few fun "Seattle" type things for us to do :D  can't wait to see her after, i think, 4 years?  wow, way too long.

well, that's it for me today, come back for more later--you won't want to miss it.  oh, and if you're in the mood for something yummy, stop by my sister's blog, she baked an awesome cake recently.  you can look around HERE for it :D

thanks for stopping by, xoxo

Monday, August 20, 2012

monday manicure: 80's rocker/ funk?

hi there!

happy monday to you :D

i'm going to keep this short and sweet... i've got things to do, places to go, people to see!  i did this manicure a while ago (when i was recovering from cellulitis), and i didn't have a whole bunch of nail polish on hand.

i used some Essie nail color, some crackle polish, and scotch tape!

yes, you read that right... scotch tape.

back when i had tons of time on my hands, i was checking out a lot of nail blogs (and obviously not able to keep my nails long either) as well as pinterest, and saw this cool way of doing your nails.  so i tried it.

  1. get strip of tape.
  2. paint tape.
  3. let dry.
  4. cut to desired length/ shape/ etc (i cut some thick strips and skinny ones for my thumb, and a heart [plus a crackle layer] for my middle finger)
  5. apply nail polish to fingers as normal
  6. quickly add tape as desired.
  7. top coat.
  8. done.
it's really not as hard as my list makes it look.

i think the manicure is 'okay.' (gosh, i really didn't know how to be careful around my cuticles back then, did i?)  let me tell you, the hearts were the hardest things to cut EVER!  but i did borrow this cute heart jewel, which you don't even realize unless you're close.

so there you go.  i was trying for short, but meh!

thanks for stopping by, xoxo

Sunday, August 19, 2012

butterfly sunday...

happy sunday!

the company picnic i went to yesterday with the family was AWESOME!  it was so fun to see Joey (my youngest brother, 5 years younger than me) in his element, talking with his work friends, and then of course, the weather was PERFECT (maybe a tad hot for me, but we had AC in the car, so it's all good)!

and yay for free food and carnival rides.  i'm a sucker for a good roller coaster or some bumper cars.  it somehow doesn't matter how scared i am of heights (which is A LOT), but i just love that 'stomach drop' feeling when you reach the crest of a coaster... i laugh EVERY time.  they didn't have a big coaster there, but they did have an awesome ride (can't remember the name) where we went clockwise (not upside down, we were stationary/ seated the whole time) and did a cool drop thing :D  we were all screaming in happiness!

anyway, hope you've had a great weekend... i'm sharing a fun card today from the Recollections paper pack "today~tomorrow~forever" that i've loved using lately.  the veneer wood butterfly is from Studio Calico, and the button is October Afternoon (Woodland Park collection) with some twine from "The Sweetest Thing" collection by MME.

the frame is something i cut with my Cricut foreverrrrrr ago.  and yes, more washi tape (Tim Holtz and October Afternoon/ Woodland Park).

so there you have it!  i hope you've enjoyed dropping by, i really appreciate your comments and thoughts!

thanks for stopping by, xoxo

Saturday, August 18, 2012

bright happy birthday

happy saturday!

i'm pretty excited about what's been going on in blog land over here.  the 10 Minute Craft Dash challenge i started with Paulina on wednesday?  yeah... it's going AWESOME!  i couldn't be more thrilled.  if you want to join in, GO for it--all the details and where to post are listed on Paulina's blog.  of course, i love hearing what you think as well!

last night i was chilling with my brother and dad and we played a few hands of spades (card game, very addicting).  then i went to my room to do some blogging, come to find my computer taking forever.r.r.r. to load.  so i texted a friend about water polo (my absolute FAVORITE sport in the WHOLE WORLD) and whether there was any happening sometime soon...

sure enough... the water polo was starting in about 10 minutes at a pool about 35-40 minutes away on a GOOD traffic day.  but, undaunted, i yelled to my brother to hurry up and get his swim gear together, and we braved the literally horrible HEINOUS Friday night traffic to arrive at the pool almost halfway through the time.

but we got in and had a TON of fun.  we were also quite a bit better than the others playing, so that's good for an ego boost when you haven't been in the pool for, let's see... 4+ months?  (stupid cellulitis)  yeah, i was bright red when we ended, and i was still sweating after i'd dried off after my shower, and after we got back in the car, and after we cranked up the AC, but we loved it.  anyways.

today, i have a bright and fun birthday card... perfect for that little princess in your life!

this was so fun to create... i pulled a 6x6 double sided paper from a random pack i purchased at Impress a while back... so please to have found this beauty.  the green gingham is on the other side of the fun frames... so i added a few patterns of washi tape, some yellow ric rac, and the 'happy birthday' stamp on a banner strip.

today i'm heading up almost to Canada for a company picnic (my youngest brother's construction company) with my family... free food, carnival rides, an excuse to be out in the sun?  sign me up!

i can't wait to hear about your weekend and what you think of the card.

thanks for stopping by, xoxo!

Friday, August 17, 2012

smile (leftover from craft dash)

hi there!


i actually made a set of cards out of the leftovers from the 'rays' on the first craft dash card... i sent these off with my mom who is visiting my aunt and grandmother... you know, just as reminders to take lots of pictures and come back with lots of silly stories.

because i wasn't working with a time limit with the leftovers, i decided to stamp the camera image and the "smile" sentiment, cut it out, and pop it up on top of the doily.  i added some different yellow trim below the Tim Holtz washi tape, and there you have it!

this is it for me today... short and sweet--there's lots for me to do (including a trip to the dentist... hopefully all is well!)

thanks for stopping by, xoxo

Thursday, August 16, 2012

i love my sister. (and more)

today i decided to share a non-crafty bit of my life (well, mostly non crafty).

as you can probably tell from the post title, it's about my parents spawn (haha, just kidding, i love her!) sister, Cecelia.  who just so happens to be an awesome (and somewhat famous) book/ food/ life blogger.

i'm the one in black.  Cecelia is in purple.  we were at our cousin's NYC park wedding.
as it turns out, we were born 18 months apart, and we've had a mix of people who think we're not related at all, to being identical twins (which i still don't quite understand because we don't look *that* alike).

but, be that as it may, we grew up together and did lots of stuff together... like join the swim team, swim the same 'main' stroke, learn how to drive (ack, that was torture! not the part about learning w/ my sister, the learning to drive part), trips across the country by ourselves, attending sleepovers, etc.

and when we were younger we shared a room, but when i turned 8 years old i went to a Girl Scout's camp and came back to my own room.  it was cool.  i liked it.  but somehow Cecelia and i would sometimes end up in the other sister's bed at night... you know, just to chill out.  it was like that for a while. forward...

when my sister started attending high school, my parents were in the middle of a remodel of pretty much every bedroom in the house.  and the two main bathrooms.  they were trying to figure out how to split up living spaces for the two girls and the three boys in our family, seeing as we had a 4 bedroom house, and my parents were using one of them (duh).

and we volunteered to share a room again.  and our parents let us.  when we were teenagers.  and moody.  and stuff.

as you can guess, we enjoyed it, but it wasn't without conflict.  i think i recall calling a 'truce' in one of our arguments about who had to turn the light off when it was time to go to bed.  important stuff, like i said.

there was always the typical girl stuff.  like she would ALWAYS borrow my clothes.  but would she ever let me borrow hers?  NO.  i never heard a decent excuse from her, just a threat that if i did borrow without permission (which i literally never got), i was toast.

...which brings me to our college experience.

we went to the same school.  3,000 miles away from home.  not for the same reasons, but it was kind of nice having her around, someone who knew all the ropes, who had friends (well, some :D) that i could call my friends as well.  and we were on the same teams: swimming and water polo.

we had different majors, and mostly different professors (it was a relatively small college), but it was fun, and we still didn't hate each other at the end of it.  since college and more college, Cecelia has moved to the EAST COAST (grrr), and makes her residence near Washington D.C.  so i don't get to see her a whole ton.  but we *do* both have iPhones which allows for FaceTime.  (which is a solid reason to have one).  

so, as you can probably tell from the very abbreviated version of our life story as sisters (which would be so much more incriminating if i could find some kid pictures of us... muah hahaha!) we're pretty good friends.  and by pretty good, i mean amazing.  like we really really know each other.

which DOES bring me to a picture, because it shows how well Cecelia knows me.

Cecelia sent this to me last week, i was kinda having a rough day (i don't even think she knew the whole of it) and this appeared in my email inbox.

my favorite animal!!!!!!!!  my favorite animal in FREAKING BABY FORM.  i died.  and i sent something back to her like:


i love you!

and i knew that i had to save this picture forever.

i texted her immediately that she was the best, most awesome sister i have ever had (well, something like that).  and she made me smile without even knowing why i needed to.  she just got the job done.

also, i know for a fact that i do the same for her.  she tells me repeatedly that i am probably the best person at making her smile.  i am also pretty good at making her mad.  it can go both ways.  i'm pretty proud of my abilities :D

but as for making her smile, it's all in the text messages people!

i will have you know that Cecelia paid me one of the highest compliments she is capable of giving me when i am making her laugh.  (you see, she sometimes views displays of emotion that originate outside of herself as embarrassing.  like me being really funny.)

i have also discovered that taking pictures of myself being random also make Cecelia smile.  usually it's me smiling something HUGE and pointing to an inanimate object.  almost like photo-bombing, but i'm the only one in the picture.

i sent this to her last week too, and this next one wasn't so random, but it made her smile nonetheless.

she called me a dork for sending this picture too... like she said, "you're adorkable."  because i made the headband and the shirt (well, the USA part).  minor rabbit trail: see what this crafty girl has to go through?  btw, i got other compliments on the headband, disbelief when i said, "thanks, i made it!", so i feel validated despite my sister's obvious jealousy :D  no worries.

so yeah, that's about it.  but i'll close out with a little q&a with Cecelia in case you want to get to know her a little more.  my questions in bold, her answers not.

1.  what's your favorite iPhone game? 
Scramble. The word one. I honestly don't play games on my phone much. iPhone is for messaging and photos and bbbooooooookkkkksssss. I have 6 book apps on my phone right now. 
2.  if you could go back in time to the University of Florida (while you were studying for your Masters) and approach Tim Tebow that one time you saw him on campus and ask him for an autograph, would you? explain. 
No. Dude has the biggest neck I've ever seen on a human being. He was totally intimidating. 
hmm, his neck is quite large.
3.  how spiked do you like your gummy bears?  not at all/ some/ all the way? 
? Do not understand the question. I've given up hard liquor. If that was part of the question?**** 
photo credit:
4.  what is your sister's best quality? 
She is funny and positive and creative, three things that I am not. Well, I am a little, but only from imitating her and stealing ideas for many, many years.
awwww, thanks Cece! i love you too!  (note: i did not pay her to say that)
5.  on a scale of 1 to 10, how funny are you?  explain. 
In the scheme of all humans everywhere? A 5 or 6. In my family, a 2. I am better at laughing and appreciating others' humor.

so that's it folks!  a little bit of my life in somewhat humorous form.  and if you're visiting from my sisters blog, GREAT! thanks for coming by... she said she was going to make you cookies if you write me comments.

hahaha, just kidding.

seriously, she said that.

oh, i'll just leave now.

thanks for stopping by, xoxo

****I don't really understand my question either... it was late, i was being random. but your response CRACKED.ME.UP.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

blog team-up: crafty dash! (+ big announcement)

hi again!

it's time for day three of the blog team-up with Paulina!  i'm so excited about today's post... it's awesome!

today's team-up is really fun... the idea can be a bit scary at first, but it's actually quite rewarding once you get over your initial reaction.  

Paulina and i decided to limit ourselves with a set time... we only had 10 minutes to create our cards/ projects.  we're calling it a craft dash!  how fun, right?  the details of how YOU can join the challenge are on Paulina's blog... you can grab a badge, we have a prize, so you should definitely head over there... below this challenge graphic, i have my card to show you...

oh, and just so you know, we have a ton of AWESOME designers joining us for this challenge... i'm so excited about who is all on the list... it makes me giggle actually :D  (p.s. one of them might be THE Amy Tsuruta! check Paulina's blog for the whole list and see what everyone has created... i can't wait!)

okay, on to my card, for reals:


btw: all of the designers are posting how long our projects took us... 

mine took all of the 10 minutes!  pretty amazing huh?  i used the timer on my iPhone to keep track of how far i was, and literally, the last sticker on the star was put on right as my alarm started going off to signal that my time was up.  i think i could have created this a little faster if i had used a different adhesive--the one i used required a peeling off of a paper backing (time waster!).  so here's how i did it:

i took some patterned papers from the 'Hey Day' Studio Calico 6x6 paper pack, trimmed them to my card front side, and then started cutting the diagonal rays (cutting all four papers at the same time).  then i pieced them together, glued them down, and added a doily to the center.  after that i grabbed a brad from MME 'the sweetest thing' collection that says 'i heart u' so that i wouldn't have to stamp a sentiment (not enough time!).  then all was left was add a flower with bling, and a star with a sticker.

i think i might have been sweating over this one! (haha, not really, but i felt a bit pressured at first).  the great thing about this challenge is that you are forced to make crafty decisions quickly.  and there's not much wiggle room for re-thinking anything or "re-doing" anything.

well, that's it for me today... don't forget to visit the other blogs for more fun projects! :D

thanks for stopping by, xoxo

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

blog team-up: color challenge!

hi everyone!

it's day #2 for my blog team-up with Paulina of Pretty Pink Posh!  hooray!

i'm really excited about what we have planned for today, because it all stems from a similar obsession that Paulina and i have... a love of Pinterest!

if you have an account, you know what we're talking about... you can get stuck browsing for what seems like days!  but today's challenge comes from a board that i started a while ago called, "color is my life."

which is pretty much true... i LOVE color.

so we took the picture, grabbed some colors from it, and we are both presenting our take on this challenge!

and now here's my project based on the colors above...

lots of girly stuff again today (no, i didn't plan that).  flowers, Recollections "today~tomorrow~forever" collection, a Prima canvas butterfly underneath a Studio Calico butterfly underneath a MME "the sweetest thing" brad collection, Martha Stewart doily, seam binding, pearls, and a normal doily.  phew!

and there you have it!  make sure you visit Paulina's blog to see what she's cooked up today, and get ready for tomorrow...

we have a BIG announcement to make :D

thanks for stopping by, xoxo

Monday, August 13, 2012

blog team-up: girly!

hi everyone!

do you remember what day it is?

it's the first day of my blog team-up with Paulina!

we have a theme today... and it's super fun :D

what better way to kick this off?  now, you probably already can tell that i'm something of a girly girl (ummm, the manicure monday posts?), but it goes beyond that... i like my dresses, my hair accessories, and my necklaces.  (side note: the only reason that i don't have piles and piles of earrings/ have my ears pierced yet is because when i was 12 years old i would get a rash from any kind of metal on my skin... but i'm thinking it's time to try it anyway, i've been wearing a silver necklace lately and it hasn't bugged me... so yay earrings!)

and if you know anything about my awesome friend Paulina, you know that she's the QUEEN of girly stuff... in the best possible way :D needless to say, we both appreciate this theme, but we execute it through our card-making in different ways...

let me show you what i mean.  here's my card:

the paper for this card comes solely from a Recollection's paper pack called "Today~Tomorrow~Forever" and i love it!  the woodgrain in the background, and then the gingham pattern... polka dots, even some floral patterns in there.

so to make sure that my paper wasn't the only 'girly' element on the card, i added the Martha Stewart doily (which you can see me use on an entirely different style card from yesterday's blog hop) and some Studio Calico wood veneer butterfly die cuts.  i stamped them with some blue/ teal and pink, and added a fun little flower and pearl.

the brad you can see a close-up of here is from 'the sweetest thing' collection of decorative brads.  it matched perfectly, and the arrow points down to the AC 'dear lizzy' sentiment of smile.

what's not to love?  oh, and there's even some twine on here too, that hint of yellow in the top right corner of the banner?

so that wraps it up for me, but be sure to head over to Paulina's blog to check out what kind of girly project she cooked up in her studio... i know it's going to be FABULOUS! :D

thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to come by tomorrow for more of our blog team-up!  xoxo