Wednesday, August 1, 2012

flamingo pink!

hehe, here i am again... did that title catch your attention?

you'll understand why i picked it in a bit.  but for now, i just want to say thank you to every single person who stops by and reads my posts.  it means a lot to me that you're staying updated on my life.  i appreciate when you leave comments.  i love reading the stats on who dropped in and from where (this is especially true when i don't have comments but see that people have read the post).  so keep coming back!

i appreciate it!

...which brings me to my flamingo.  the sentiment on this card should look familiar (it's studio G and it's in the same brown ink as a card just last week).  but that's where things get different.

first of all, there's a flamingo on this card.  how could i not use this guy from Anna Griffin (and how do i know it's a dude?  i don't.  but i think he mush be.  but i still spruced him up with a pink striped ribbon around his neck.  kind of like some of the Olympic opening ceremony outfits, eh?) 

so while the flamingo is taking front and center, i have to point out the pretty paper behind him...

we have some patterns from Melody Ross, and thankfully those papers are double sided, and i got to use EVERY side.  how amazing!  usually with double sided papers i either don't like one side or like both too much to use them at all (hence my hoarding habit), but today, i didn't do either!

the patterned paper was helpful itself as well--they cooperated by coordinating or being a neutral.  that always helps, right?

well, be sure to let me know what you think... were you surprised by my flamingo choice?  does he belong somewhere else?  if so, where?  :D

thanks for stopping by, xoxo


Cecelia said...

Super cute card, Gin!

~amy~ said... it! Such a fun fun card!!!