Tuesday, August 28, 2012

tag obsession


so happy to be popping in here again with some crafty stuff to show off.  before i do, i wanted to thank everyone who participated in the 10 Minute Craft Dash for our very first challenge!  Paulina and I are blown away by your creativity and excitement over our new endeavor, and we're so thankful for all your kind words and encouragement--and especially when you decide to play along!

today i'm sharing a 'set' of cards that use the same papers, washi tape, doilies, tags, and Studio Calico veneer wood pieces.  some of the fabric ribbon is different, but the idea is the same on all of them.


yay for pearls and a fun flower accent!

decided to add some major bling and a Martha Stewart doily to this one

October Afternoon button threaded with solid blue twine, and butterfly from Prima

banner stamps are from Dear Lizzy set, super fun!

and there you have it!  as a side note, my family celebrated my brother Peter's birthday on Saturday.  he's 18 months younger than me, and the oldest of three boys... (my older sister Cecelia has her own dedicated post here.)  we had a fun time at the restaurant we ate at, but the best part was watching Peter open his presents... he had very specific suggestions for gifts, which is great because sometimes we have problems buying for him and end up giving him $$ or gift cards.  but this time it was pretty straight forward.  he wanted Crocs and a track jacket.

well, i helped my mom go shopping, and i we had to travel to a mall we never shop at to get the shoes, but we got them.  and i got some of those charms you can add to the holes (Captain America and footballs because the Seattle Seahawks are like his FAVORITE TEAM EVER). and then we went searching for a track jacket.


no dice.

so we were about to just give in and get him some movie tickets (which would have been perfectly acceptable), but i spotted the Seattle Team Store... and they had a Seahawks track jacket, in his size.  my mom was the last one to get him a present, and i told her if she got it for him, he would FLIP.OUT.  she was not as sure that would be his reaction, but i just knew he'd love it.

and when he opened that gift... the look on his face, and his smile, and his disbelief and his repeated "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh-my-GOSH!" were just the thing.  he's great at receiving gifts (makes you feel great no matter what you give), but this time was really special and he was just so excited.  i loved it.  made my day :D

so there's a little bit about my weekend... hope yours was fabulous... this week i'm gearing up for my roommate from college to come visit--i CAN'T wait to see her (i think i've mentioned this before :D)

but anyway, thanks for stopping by, xoxo


~amy~ said...

Awesome card set...fun seeing cards using the same supplies! How sweet is your brother?!

Geri said...

Love that story about your brother! So thankful I grew up with 3 siblings to share things like that with!! Love the happy collage of colors and patterns on your cards! Love the tags and wooden accents, also! They're ALL so cute!

Cecelia said...

Those cards are absolutely adorable, and the story about Peter's birthday is awesome. Yay!

Lisa said...

Love that you took the same elements and made four fun yet different cards! And a happy birthday to your brother, sounds like he LOVED his gift ;)