Tuesday, June 30, 2009

sleepy head... (CP #21)

DoodleFactory stamps from Starving Artists are fast becoming some of my favorites... their images are just meant to make you smile. like this funny bunny with such tired eyes... i thought he would be perfect for this guy card. my brothers and dad all agreed--this is a good guy card (my dad first asked, "Is this for a guy? Or a girl?" i don't think he could visualize me giving it to a female.) i like the color scheme... just right for a guy card, but still happy enough for me :D

i used Colorbok paper (from Forest Friends i think it's called) and some basic grosgrain ribbon from Michael's. the little button brads were perfect (from Making Memories) for the suspender buttons on the kraft cardstock overalls.

i used the sketch over at Card Patterns. it's my first time participating, but i love having fresh ideas for cardmaking, so i definitely think i'll be coming back for more :D

thanks for looking, and hope you enjoy!

Monday, June 29, 2009

jump for joy! *Use It! & 365 cards*

woohoo! last night i was jumping for joy because my youngest brother, Joey, got baptized and joined our church! it was big deal because he's older (19) and hadn't been baptized, and also because my parents joined the church a while ago, but when the kids in a family turn a certain age (18+), they have to decide whether or not they want to join the church. so Joey did both last night, and my Dad had the privilege of baptizing Joey, which was really sweet... he hadn't gotten to do that with any of the rest of us.

so i made this card for him in honor of his baptism. i thought the cute K&Co cutout was perfect for the occasion, and didn't make the card too girly. (yes, i realize i put pom poms and buttons, and a twine bow on there, but still!) this card came together pretty quickly after i got over my OCD tendencies to get the polka-dot background "just right." (i stamped a dot background then threw it out cause it wasn't perfect, then i decided to get it "close enough"... btw, the stamp comes from DeNami Design, and the heart comes from Stamps by Judith.) i used the sketch (day #120 - super sketchy sunday) over at 365 cards, and i'm really excited to continue checking in on the creations and challenges every day :D how handy, right?

our church, Trinity Baptist Church in Renton, WA has really neat traditions during the summer. we have a Sunday evening service with a Berry Feast, and one with an Ice Cream Feed. last night was the Berry Feast, and it was AMAZING! i love berries... raspberries have to be one of my favorite fruits. it was perfect to have a celebration after all the baptisms and testimonies we heard all day (there were a total of 16 baptisms throughout the day, and at LEAST 12 testimonies to join the church). i personally enjoyed the crisps--the blackberry crisps, the strawberry & rhubarb crisp, and most of all: FRESH RASPBERRIES :D

okay, enough talk about food... it's about lunch time so i think i'm going to scrounge something up. hope you enjoy, and thanks for looking!

i'm submitting this card to Use It! Challenge blog because the challenge fits perfectly this week! this week Kay Sibley came up with the guidelines:
1. Use something inspired by nature. that little frog is sooo cute, don't you think?
2. Use polka dots. this was the first time i'd added a polka dot background with a stamp on my own :D
3. Use your favorite embellishment. buttons, buttons, buttons!
4. Mail your creation to someone special. i gave it to my brother, Joey :D
so there we go! first submission to Use It!**

new embellies! tulle + buttons + pins

i bought some tulle on discount a while back and decided to see what i could do with it on my cards. i wanted to keep things simple on this card, but pretty all the same. i ended up using several small pieces of tulle to create a "flower" type embellishment that i will surely use again. i included a button and some pins to top it off (oh, and ribbon/ twine too).

i didn't use a sentiment on these cards because i thought they could be an everyday kind of card. the stamp comes from Impress Rubber stamps, and i love using it --the swirl looks like stiching, and with the right ink color, it's awesome :D

anyway, i'm trying to come up with some plans for 4th of July... i usually go with my family to a big party/ gathering with friends from church, but this year, no one is hosting one! plus, my parents will be out of town at a family reunion, so i'm trying to get some friends together on my own. we'll see how that goes. what are your plans for the 4th? bbq, fireworks? making sure your dog doesn't run away from all the noisy "pops" and "bangs"? (we have to bring Cookie inside every 4th--else she whines the whole night through.)
anyway, thanks for looking, and have a great day!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

day 119 - seeing a silhouette

this is the first time i've done a card for the 365 cards blog, and i think i'll participate again! it was a fun experience, and i love the fact that the cards aren't too complicated (hence why you can finish one and post every day if you so choose).

i made this card with a grandmother in mind. not mine, although mine would probably like it, but for a friend that wanted a thank you card for a birthday present he recieved form his grandmother. i love this rose stamp, and i thought it would make a really nice and clean silhouette.

thanks for looking! i'm off to bed to get some rest--my youngest brother joey is getting baptized tomorrow! i'm really excited for him, but he's a little nervous about sharing his testimony (but don't tell him i told you (: he'll be fine, i know).

Friday, June 26, 2009

kazan's sketch #29--bee safe!

i loved playing along with Kazan's sketch from 2sketches4you this week... i pulled out some Basic Grey paper, my Cricut (for the scalloped circle & tree branch), a DoodleFactory stamp (the cute bee), and some twill ribbon and a super fun flower button that i threaded with beads and wire.

i am probably going to give this card to my aunt Cynnie who is leaving for NY tomorrow... she just got back from a week-long kayaking trip with my mom (her twin) in the San Juan Islands.

i just have to say, that i LOVE DoodleFactory Stamps... and they're sooo cute... Twinx has to be one of my favorite characters :D check out some of the cards i've made here:

thanks for looking and have a fabulous Friday!

double-sided fun!

here are 2 more cards i made using the same base and double sided paper as the cards in THIS post. you should check them out. as i said before, i think my editing program, my lighting during photos, or just my computer screen has skewed the beautiful coral and brown colors, so you'll have to believe me that these look better in real life.

i had some fun with the first card because i used some chipboard that i don't normally pull out as well as these super fun button brads. i even used a gold stamp pad for the first time!

on this second card, i added some gold glitter with the sentiment "i [heart] you" which turned out on the cool angel heart piece of chipboard (as i call it). i LOVE that big ribbon too, it's so bold!
one fun thing that i always do is layer... i layer lots of things... i love the depth that it gives cards, and it makes you want to explore the card a little more, don't you think? well, i did some layering for these cards, using both sides of the paper, but i also tried something (quite successfully, i think) new--instead of painting my chipboard, i stamped it. now, i think that stamping on the chipboard works a lot better when you're using darker colors, because it doesn't take as many tries. also, if you do use a stamp pad, try masking off a pattern or sentiment--i've done it before, and the results are fabulous!
well, that's it for today, i'm still working on cleaning/ cooking--it's such a wonderful friday! thanks for looking :D

Thursday, June 25, 2009

laughter + life!

these couple of cards are similar--papers, butterflies, and some Basic Grey thrown in there as well, but the sentiment is a tad different ... i like this first one better.

BUT! in general i think that both cards showcase who i am... colorful, bright, and (generally) cheery. the "live well" sentiment is covered in citrine glitter from DeNami Design, and the stencil is a great buy from a scrapping/ stamping show i went to in May courtesy of my friend, Paulina, who works for DeNami Designs. i had so much fun and got to browse a lot of different vendors. i made a FABULOUS purchase there too, i totally recommend one if you don't already use one--an ATG gun (i think that's redundant, bcause ATG stands for adhesive transfer gun). but really, the gun has a great applicator (pull trigger, press, roll), and can be refilled for CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP! ($4 for a roll of tape 36 yds long!)
anyway, i'm going to get ready for a game/ movie night on friday with some friends... got some cooking/ cleaning to do around here! thanks for looking, and have a great thursday!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

sending you love... *double sided!*

i've mentioned this before, but double sided paper presents me with a challenge. a conundrum. a quandry. i usually like BOTH sides of the double sided paper, and therefore, am not generally willing to subject one side to adhesive and the dark side...

BUT! there is always a day for firsts :D i decided to make similar cards using BOTH sides of double sided paper, and not use the whole thing on just one pattern. it's not my favorite card ever, but i think i'll used the color scheme again. i don't know how it looks on your computer screen, but my card is light brown, dark brown, and coral pink. there's a little light blue on the ribbon, too.

i used an Impress stamp (the swirl) and DeNami Design sentiment, one of my favs, "sending you love."
hope you've had a lot to love this week, i sure have! i just got back from Mossyrock (10 acres of country goodness/ camping property my parents own) with my dad... i read 1.5 books, mowed some grass, slept in, and enjoyed myself sans technology!
take care, and thanks for looking :D
(and enter my sister's giveaway if you haven't already!)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

yikes! you're how old? + giveaway!

for all of you who love winning things (or trying to win things), go visit my sister's blog, and enter to win a YA fiction book by one of her favorite authors! even if you're not keen on the book, it would be a great addition to any teenagers bookshelf, or just to give to a middle school/ jr. high teacher (*like myself!*)

check it out, and read some of her hilarious anecdotes about her life... i <3 her tons!

okay, onto the card... my dad turned 64 on June 16th, and i wrote a blog post honoring him... i made this card using a DoodleFactory stamp, and a stencil alpha stamp set. i tried to go as masculine as possible, but i'm still working on that...

(i even snuck some glitter onto this card... do you think it's going too far?)

i think overall, it fits the "guy card" bill, but my brothers don't like buttons or ribbon still. glad that my dad doesn't mind and just likes the fact that i made him something. he's really an awesome guy, and i can't wait to spend more time with him this summer since school's out :D if you're into gardening or anything handy, you need to check out his totally informational and sweet blog he started about his gardening exploits--he's so good at explaining things!
thanks for looking, and don't forget to enter my sister's giveaway!

Monday, June 22, 2009

CONGRATS! retirement card :D

WOW! it's been a week since school got out! unbelievable! well, the last week hasn't really meant "Summer" for me because i've been into school every day since we got out on tuesday... i am moving schools/ classrooms/ grades, so that involved packing up 25+ boxes for the district to move, and then taking a carload to my new school. i also had 2 inservice days, so my summer will really start today. i made this retirement card for my friend Skip, who taught the Honors kids in English. he was so easy-going and sincere, i'm really going to miss him! i wrote "oh the places you'll go!" reminiscent of graduations/ Dr. Seuss books on the inside of the card. i thought it was appropriate.

i just LOVE the DoodleFactory stamps, and i especially love this guy named Twinx. i brought him to school on the last day and stamped kids hands with it--they were *SO EXCITED* (and they're 8th graders!) one of my boys said, "Miss Larsen, you have legit stamps!" which cracked me up...

well, like i said, my vacay starts today, and my dad and i are going to our property in Mossyrock, about 2 hrs away from home... we'll have some fun on our tractor, relaxing, and digging post holes for a fence. :D looking forward to it!
i'll post soon--keep checking back. thanks for all your sweet comments :D
P.S. Cece, i will post Dad's Father's Day card... but i have to take pictures first :D

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

happy birthday DAD!

my dad is awesome.

it's his birthday today.

he's now sixty-four years old.

good thing he has me to keep him young ;) no, really, he hangs out with younger friends and our family, so he's guaranteed to stay on his toes...

here's a couple of things i love about my dad:

  1. he's funny. not funny-looking, just funny. he has a great sense of humor, his laugh is INCREDIBLY contagious, and he can make up jokes. i remember sitting at the top of the stairs by my room listening to my parents watch movies. i was always so jealous because my dad would be laughing his head off while i was supposed to be "in bed." no fair.
  2. he's creative. he'll be retired for 2 years now from Boeing, and he's still loving it. he spends a lot of his time in the garden, building structures for the garden, or reading/ writing about garden things, or his life. he's been a writer all his life, and i'm so thankful for his creativity... some's rubbed off on me. check out his creativity over at his Garden Handyman blog--he'd be honored if you left a comment!
  3. he loves God. i wouldn't be the person i am now without my dad's great example. (thanks dad!)
  4. he likes movies, food, and music. i can always count on my dad to watch a movie with me, and maybe even cry at the same parts... or to get up and do some funny dance moves while i'm listening to something "catchy." he's easy to be around, and people are surprised to find out he's so cool... which i don't get--he's ALWAYS been cool in my opinion. (okay, so maybe there were a few times in jr. high where he embarrassed me, but oh well.) it's nice to know that he's not shy around family.
  5. he's a great dad and i know he'll be a great grandfather... (not that i forsee that becoming a reality in the near future... i'm not engaged, dating, or even have possibilities... ditto w/ siblings) my dad had tickle wars in the living room, chased us around the house, around the tree fort, built the tree fort, taught us how to mow the 5 acres of grass, how to use a saw, how to do laundry, how to build things, and how to scream going down rollercoasters.

i am so grateful for my dad.

Dad, you are amazing. I thank God for you. May you have many years to come. <3

Friday, June 12, 2009

boy's bday card...

last weekend i went to two parties (well, three, really), one of which was a bday celebration for a guy friend from church. i'm still honing my "guy card" skills, and i don't claim to have a handle on them, but he seemed to like it, and my brothers approved as well.

later, though, i got the comment from ANOTHER guy friend (ahem *CHASEN*) that, "If a card has ribbon on it, it's not a guy card." oops. oh well.

hope you like it, i'll try to post some more attempts later :D

have a great weekend... only 1.5 days left of school!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

new home! & Kazan's #28

i made a congrats card for a co-worker of mine who just found a house! she's been looking for a suitable place for forever, and she finally found a decent place to live close to the water. she'll have amazing views of a marina, the woodline, and Mt. Rainier! how perfect! i thought it was cause for celebration, and also of course, for pulling out a new stamp! i got a DoodleFactory stamp in the neighborhood collection and just cut out one of the houses on the block. plus, i followed Kazan's sketch #28 over at 2S4U where they're having a fabulous contest!

woohoo! so cute, and i love the colors! what do you think?

and i just have to say: 2.5 days of school left! :D

Saturday, June 6, 2009

graduation! (& 2S4U UCS!)

are you busy with lots of graduations coming up? i love this time of year (especially because Washington weather has been AMAZING the past couple of days) cuz there's tons of parties, school is almost out, and everyone seems to be getting ready for summer!

well, i made two cards using the same materials, the same sketch (Laura's #27 from 2sketches4you) and i think the graduating girls will like them. i don't know what their favorite colors are, and i can't always assume that girls will like pink, but this SEI paper (Bridgeport line) is super fabulous and classy... i figured i couldn't go wrong.

the SEI paper also features some butterflies, and i thought my Martha Stewart punch would go perfectly on the leafy/ flower print. anyway, i added some cute details like the ribbon border (Jo-Ann's) and the rhinestones to fill in the "for your graduation" part instead of checking it off.

anyway, hope you enjoy! thanks for looking and leaving all your sweet comments! :D

mini card for 2sketches4you UCS!

here's a little card i made this morning for the 2sketches4you Ultimate Card Showdown. it was super easy to make with such cute results (thanks to Laura's easy-peasy sketch #27).

i love mini cards because you can add them to gifts, bags, or you can just use them as little notes for a brighten your day kinda card :)

i'll be posting later with some graduation cards that follow Laura's sketch again. gotta love being allowed multiple entries in these contests!

Friday, June 5, 2009

2sketches4you ultimate card showdown! (laura's #27)

oh my gosh! can i tell you how excited i am to be presenting you this card for the 2sketches4you ultimate card showdown? it's in honor of 2sketches4you FIRST BIRTHDAY! congratulations laura and kazan--you have done a fabulous job every week... thank you so much!

well, in honor of the 1 yr. anniversary, laura and kazan are hosting a fabulous contest. i can't tell you how much i want to be one of the top 30 finalists... but who knows--there's a TON of gorgeous cards and amazing talent among the entries. and no wonder! the prize is super fabulous! anyway, i created away last night with the sole purpose of making something beautiful, and i think i met my goal (hope you all think so too *smile*)

i had so much fun making this card, i'm going to add the details/ materials later :) thanks again laura and kazan! (not to mention the design teams, past and present--keep up the amazing eye candy!)