Monday, June 22, 2009

CONGRATS! retirement card :D

WOW! it's been a week since school got out! unbelievable! well, the last week hasn't really meant "Summer" for me because i've been into school every day since we got out on tuesday... i am moving schools/ classrooms/ grades, so that involved packing up 25+ boxes for the district to move, and then taking a carload to my new school. i also had 2 inservice days, so my summer will really start today. i made this retirement card for my friend Skip, who taught the Honors kids in English. he was so easy-going and sincere, i'm really going to miss him! i wrote "oh the places you'll go!" reminiscent of graduations/ Dr. Seuss books on the inside of the card. i thought it was appropriate.

i just LOVE the DoodleFactory stamps, and i especially love this guy named Twinx. i brought him to school on the last day and stamped kids hands with it--they were *SO EXCITED* (and they're 8th graders!) one of my boys said, "Miss Larsen, you have legit stamps!" which cracked me up...

well, like i said, my vacay starts today, and my dad and i are going to our property in Mossyrock, about 2 hrs away from home... we'll have some fun on our tractor, relaxing, and digging post holes for a fence. :D looking forward to it!
i'll post soon--keep checking back. thanks for all your sweet comments :D
P.S. Cece, i will post Dad's Father's Day card... but i have to take pictures first :D

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celi.a said...

HILARIOUS. and awesome. have i mentioned before that i'm in awe of your card-making skillz? (yes, i just misspelled that word for YOU)

there's so much to love about this project: the buttons! the rounded edges! the blues and plaids! the bicycle! the crazy little creature! the crown on the crazy creature's head!

the only thing that you could possibly, maybe, if you want to, improve upon is the sentiment. it's the right size, and i like the idea of all caps letters, but i am not a huge fan of the font. that is all, though. full steam ahead on all creative fronts.

+11 points for this card. maybe more next time i look at it, too.