Friday, June 26, 2009

double-sided fun!

here are 2 more cards i made using the same base and double sided paper as the cards in THIS post. you should check them out. as i said before, i think my editing program, my lighting during photos, or just my computer screen has skewed the beautiful coral and brown colors, so you'll have to believe me that these look better in real life.

i had some fun with the first card because i used some chipboard that i don't normally pull out as well as these super fun button brads. i even used a gold stamp pad for the first time!

on this second card, i added some gold glitter with the sentiment "i [heart] you" which turned out on the cool angel heart piece of chipboard (as i call it). i LOVE that big ribbon too, it's so bold!
one fun thing that i always do is layer... i layer lots of things... i love the depth that it gives cards, and it makes you want to explore the card a little more, don't you think? well, i did some layering for these cards, using both sides of the paper, but i also tried something (quite successfully, i think) new--instead of painting my chipboard, i stamped it. now, i think that stamping on the chipboard works a lot better when you're using darker colors, because it doesn't take as many tries. also, if you do use a stamp pad, try masking off a pattern or sentiment--i've done it before, and the results are fabulous!
well, that's it for today, i'm still working on cleaning/ cooking--it's such a wonderful friday! thanks for looking :D

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celi.a said...

love both those cards. the chipboard heart with wings is cuteness embodied. also love both kinds of ribbon. great-looking projects!