Tuesday, June 23, 2009

yikes! you're how old? + giveaway!

for all of you who love winning things (or trying to win things), go visit my sister's blog, and enter to win a YA fiction book by one of her favorite authors! even if you're not keen on the book, it would be a great addition to any teenagers bookshelf, or just to give to a middle school/ jr. high teacher (*like myself!*)

check it out, and read some of her hilarious anecdotes about her life... i <3 her tons!

okay, onto the card... my dad turned 64 on June 16th, and i wrote a blog post honoring him... i made this card using a DoodleFactory stamp, and a stencil alpha stamp set. i tried to go as masculine as possible, but i'm still working on that...

(i even snuck some glitter onto this card... do you think it's going too far?)

i think overall, it fits the "guy card" bill, but my brothers don't like buttons or ribbon still. glad that my dad doesn't mind and just likes the fact that i made him something. he's really an awesome guy, and i can't wait to spend more time with him this summer since school's out :D if you're into gardening or anything handy, you need to check out his totally informational and sweet blog he started about his gardening exploits--he's so good at explaining things!
thanks for looking, and don't forget to enter my sister's giveaway!


Heidi Van Laar said...

So cute and fun! A great masculine card! I really struggle with those too!

(-: Heidi

celi.a said...

i love this card...the crazy little stamp totally fits with the sentiment. and the sentiment, well...i don't care who you are, glitter = seriously awesome.

i bed dad loved it. great job!

celi.a said...

ugh...spelling mistake in the last post (unintentional, i assure you). make that *bet* instead of *bed* in the sentence "i bed dad loved it."

also just wanted to point out that i (gasp!) have more followers than you now. you must needs hold a giveaway.

i heart you.

Linda Beeson said...

I think your card turned out really cute! Good colors.