Sunday, September 30, 2012

Creative Paper Trade - Color My Week #2

hey there!

i know i haven't done that post i promised about the miracle from the last few weeks... but i will! :D it's going to settle down around here pretty soon--i've been at school setting up my classrooms since i didn't have any time to do that before classes started, but after that's done, i foresee a bit of free time, and i'll be devoting that to creating and my blog!

so, anyway, onto the creations i made yesterday for the Creative Paper Trade!  this time we're focusing on some softer, girly colors, which i surprisingly loved (usually i go for the brightness!)  you can participate in our challenges over there, so please check it out... there's an awesome prize up for grabs (including some of Andrea's handmade embellishments... i LOVE LOVE LOVE them!)

so... here we go--first a little gift bag that i'm going to fill with either some chocolate or other edible goodies to give to the office manager at my school... she's been so helpful in getting me situated!

Andrea made the pink fabric trim, the cute little heart felt pin, and of course, the digital purple heart paper (one of my favorite digital items :D)

and since i know i have some birthdays coming up and some more thank you's to give, i made this card without a sentiment so i could use it whenever the need arose.  lots of layers, some fun seam binding, a glorious felt flower from Andrea again, and then a bitty piece of digital goodness (a tag) tucked under the white flowers... again: hearts :D

this last one features lots of Andrea's goodies... she actually die cut the white banner and sent it along in the package of goodies, so of course i thought it would be perfect for this!  a lovely "cherish" tag is the focal point, some polka dotted digital paper is nestled behind the purple, and then the felt heart/ flower combo... it's the best thing ever!

and there you have it!  loved making every little bit of these... and i hope you enjoy looking!  don't forget to check out the CPT for the challenge details!

thanks for stopping by, xoxo!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

happy girls...

hi there!

sorry i've been gone from blog-land for a while... i have a really good reason, i promise! :D

but first, some other reasons why i haven't been around:
  • having a cold/ sinus infection last week
  • food poisoning (brother, best friend, best friend's husband, best friend's two kids) on Sunday/ Monday... the whole she-bang too--lovely flu-like symptoms and basic inability to move.

but now i think that's basically over... i am pretty sure that's all behind me now.  at least i really really hope so :D

and i still haven't gotten to the "good reason" for me not being around lately... 

but first, do you remember this?  it was a project i posted during my return to blogging (in the summer), and i did a little summary of my life this year.

these canvases have been great reminders to me through the tough times i've had... but i have to say, they have also proven true very recently (like this last four days) in my life... because...

i have a job!

and happy girls really are the prettiest!  i start today--eek!  i'm so excited, you have no idea.  it's been a whirlwind couple of days getting everything ready/ done/ together.  i will be posting the particulars of how it came about (let's just say BIG TIME MIRACLE!) in another post when i have a little more time.

the basics:

  • teaching again (full time)
  • two junior highs (one in the morning, one in the afternoon)
  • different district than where i've been the last 5 years

:D so that's about all i can squeeze in now, but thanks for hanging in there with me--i've got some cool projects to share for Creative Paper Trade, and don't forget to enter your ideas for the 3rd 10 Minute Craft Dash... there's an awesome prize up for grabs! :D

thanks for stopping by, wish me luck! xoxo

Monday, September 24, 2012

monday manicure: neon rainbow stripes! (+ glitter, duh!)

yay for September!  that means i'm still doing fun manicures that blind your eyes!

well, you may not see the blinding-ness in this photo, but in real life, it was pretty dope.

just used a lot of my neons to make this one.  the huge bummer was how long it took for everything to dry.

also, remind me to never use the Sally 'diamonds' glitter again.  either that or my top coat (which is typically lightning fast) made the drying time last a lifetime.

but fun nonetheless.

this post actually is going to be short.

have a fun monday, thanks for stopping by, xoxo

Friday, September 21, 2012

CPT: Paper Nudge (the alphabet)

hey there!

back with a post for Creative Paper Trade (i'm loving being on this design team!) that focuses on the alphabet.  our inspiration came from the picture below, check it out!

and i couldn't help but use some of my alphas for this challenge... it was really simple, but super fun! (the best kinds of cards in my opinion!) :D

basically, i used Andrea's colored checks and dots digital paper, and some of her felt embellishments (seriously, they're the best ever!) to put this card set together in a snap.

you definitely should check out the other creations--you can see Cherry's, Jessica's and Andrea's on the CPT blog, and you can see the other awesome projects here:
thanks for stopping by, xoxo

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

10 Minute Craft Dash #3

hi there!

Paulina and i are super pumped because the third challenge for the 10 Minute Craft Dash is here!  check out the colors on this one... so fun and happy :D

in our first challenge, all you had to do to participate was create a project in 10 minutes or less, post the time on your blog/ photo space of choice, and link up to our page.  well... if you missed our second challenge (which was TONS of fun!), we've introduced a new element.  colors!  you're more than welcome to use neutrals along with the above colors, but we would LOVE to see what you can create within 10 minutes using the picks above as your guide!

now, i must confess, i was so excited when i saw our sponsor, Lawn Fawn (eek!), and even more excited when Kelly sent us some goodies to play with for this challenge.  couldn't help but snag the "Sunny Skies" stamp set and the 6x6 "Bright Side" paper pack.  awesome stuff i tell you!

and if that wasn't enough, Lawn Fawn is also sponsoring our giveaway!

you're not going to want to miss this... whoever our winner is will be one lucky duck!  (oh: and if you missed the WINNERS POST for challenge #2, then make sure you follow the link and head over there to see who Paulina and i picked for winner and favorites!)

okay, so you already know the details/ guidelines... i'm here to show you what i created in (get this!) NINE MINUTES and 18 SECONDS!  **i think this is my fastest card yet, but i'm not sure how, i kept thinking "why hasn't the alarm gone off yet?" hahaha**

washi tape was my best friend on this one.  i still can't get over the fact that i was able to fussy cut my sun, pop his face up, AND get a stamped banner in there... *phew* i was pushing my luck!

haha, anyway, i totally enjoyed myself (as always), and if you're here without first visiting Paulina, then you need to scoot outta here to check out her awesome creation--don't miss it!

so happy you've popped in here... hope to see you playing along.

i'd love to know what you think! thanks for stopping by, xoxo

catch up on CPT creations!

hi there!

i want to apologize if you've been looking for my creations that Andrea sent you here for from the Saturday post... i'm so tardy in posting these, but better to share them now, than never, eh?

we used the above colors from the picture as inspiration...

these were so fun to make... i honestly could have created cards along these same lines for hours--how can you not love the colors and the papers and the patterns?  *swoon*  andddd... if you don't think you can live without these awesome products (let's face it, you're not strong enough to resist anyway--hehe!) then you need to check out Andrea's store HERE to do a little retail therapy to soothe the soul.

that's it for tonight... i'm so glad you came by--let me know what you think :D do we almost have you drooling? :) hehe!

as always: thanks for stopping by, xoxo

Monday, September 17, 2012

monday manicure: the accent nail(s) debate

oh hai!

as you can maybe see from my title, i'm broaching the subject of the accent nail.  like, paint all your nails on your hands the same except for one.  or two, or however many.

sometimes you'll see me sporting more than one accent nail, sometimes not.  this manicure, i've got two, and since you can't see my thumb in this one, i'll just say that it's blue like the pinky and ring fingers.

i know some people who hate accent nails.  think they're stupid/ weird/ whatever.

i know others who SWEAR by them...

and honestly, with this manicure, i LOVE the two accent nails.  i know you might not, but i thought it was a super fun (and easy) way to incorporate more of what i love into one manicure.  so, i'm SOLD.

pretty sure i'll be rocking the occasional accent nail til kingdom come, so be prepared! :D

thanks for stopping by, i'd love to hear what you think about accent nails and know what you're up to this lovely monday!  xoxo

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

get to know... ME!

hi there!

popping in with a quick post about a fun introduction about yours truly on the CREATIVE PAPER TRADE blog (which I'm designing for now--eeek! so fun!).

you'll have a chance to win some prizes if you comment on the blog posts, so i thought i'd send you over there to *hopefully* become a winner! (and learn a bit more about moi!) :D

thanks for stopping by, xoxo

Monday, September 10, 2012

monday manicure: THE perfect pink

oh happiness!

it's monday, a new week, it's September, and you're here checking out a new manicure!

this one i LOVE love LOVE.  there are so many reasons:
  1. pink
  2. glitter
  3. goes with everything
  4. pink
  5. long lasting
  6. glitter
  7. pink, did i mention that?
so yeah.  this comes from Revlon, called "Popular."

i wasn't quite sure i would like how 'light' this pink was (it's very light for me), but it's got enough chewed bubblegum color to make me fall in love.

oh sorry, was that metaphor gross?  apologies!

but yeah, if you want a pink to go with LITERALLY EVERYTHING you OWN, then please go get this... the drugstore/ Walmart/ wherever has it... it's basically a neutral because of how light it is, but then the glitter makes you smile, and then...

the world is a happy place.

see?  i told you it was a happy day!

thanks for stopping by, xoxo

Sunday, September 9, 2012

DeNami Design Back to School Blog Hop

hi there!  (if you're looking for the AWESOME news i had to share earlier this morning, please GO HERE.)

welcome to the DeNami Design Back to School Blog Hop--so glad you're here!  you should have come from Emily Keaton's blog.  if you got lost or want to start at the beginning, go HERE.

okay, so let me give you the low down...

When: The blog hop starts on September 9th at 6 AM, PST. However, you have until September 10, 2012, 11:59 pm PST, to leave comments on all the blogs (to be eligible for a prize). 
Why: To be inspired by fun DeNami Design creations and also the chance to win mini shopping sprees on the DeNami Design website! 
Prizes: We are giving away THREE $20 gift certificates to our website! We'll be giving away one gift certificate to a random participant (DT members not eligible) and then we'll also be giving away TWO gift certificates to TWO people who comment along the hop!
and let's get on with the fun--here's my project :D

i couldn't resist using this teacher chickie (i mean, hello, teacher here :D), and then i even did some other stamping (the apple and the rockin' guitar).  lots of green scraps from my drawers--yay for using it!

i constructed the front sentiment from a few different stamp sets.  the inside then echoes what the outside says...

no matter the teacher or the subject, gratitude is cherished in schools!

i'd love to hear what you think (plus you get entered for an awesome prize), so make sure to comment!  your next stop on the hop is the SUPER talented Wendy Elliot!  hooray! :D

so that's it... ski-daddle it outta here!  thanks for stopping by, xoxo


hey all!

i have some AWESOMELY exciting news to share with you today, but to figure it out, you'll have to check out the picture below, and follow the blog link...

happy guessing!  thanks for stopping by, xoxo

(p.s. i'll be back with the DeNami Design blog hop post a little later...)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

instagram love. (tourist edition)

hi there!

i've been gone from commenting on all your blogs lately because i'm getting ready for some awesome things! and, i happen to be taking my best friend's kiddos to the fair today.  four of them... so i haven't had tons of time to update here and check out your stuff.  but i will: PROMISE!

again, from the title you may have noticed that i have a mostly pictures post... these are from Labor Day weekend, when Ellen, my college roommate came to visit Washington for the first time.  i'm not going to post all of them, just the photos i 'edited' with instagram (love that app!)  if you want to follow me on instagram, my handle is ginnylougirl.

here we go:

i won tickets from a local radio station to the Seattle Music & Arts Festival called "Bumbershoot." awesome.

brother came along.  he's cool.

the space needle.  we were listening to jazz at the starbucks stage.

Gotye in concert. not the greatest seats (but they were free!)

great comedians. and Ken Jennings. (2nd from the left)

AWOLnation in concert. AWESOME-ness! best song = SAIL.

Pike Place Market flowers.

obligatory picture at the market

ferry ride!

Seattle skyline (great wheel on the right)

ferry wake and Seattle

Museum of Glass in Tacoma

ditto above

right on the water in Tacoma

sculptures at Museum of Glass in Tacoma

Old Town Tacoma statues... :D

silly photos in LensCrafters. we are dorks, yes!

duck faces. :D

it was an awesome weekend.  non-stop stuff... i'm making a mini album x2 (one for Ellen, one for me) to document the weekend... we picked up lots of paraphernalia along the way, so it will be chock full of memories.

hope you enjoyed my silly-ness and crazy photos.  thanks for stopping by, xoxo

Friday, September 7, 2012

10 Minute Craft Dash #2 - round #2

hi everyone!

woohoo! this is a good day!  i can't believe how awesome all the entries are for the 2nd challenge for the 10 Minute Craft Dash that i'm co-hosting with Paulina!  we're so excited... and i'm so thankful for all the designers that joined in and helped us kickstart this second challenge with the addition of colors.

so, to help keep those creative juices flowing, i actually made another card for this set of colors.

when i saw this peacock feather paper (which happens to have that awesome chevron design on the reverse side) from October Afternoon's Woodland Park collection, i knew i had to use it for this challenge.  the buttons come from OA as well, same collection, and the washi tape is the same stuff i use all the time from Target.  i used a wee bit of Studio Calico patterned paper behind the washi tape, but you can barely see it.  Lawn Fawn "HI" sentiment and Dear Lizzy banner stamp complete the card.

my total time for making this card was 9:56, a little longer than my other card... i attribute it to the more complex layers i created :D

well, i hope this inspires you to play along with our challenge--don't forget, there's an awesome prize to be won, from our awesome sponsor--Neat and Tangled!

well, that's it for now, have a wonderful weekend!  thanks for stopping by, xoxo