Tuesday, September 25, 2012

happy girls...

hi there!

sorry i've been gone from blog-land for a while... i have a really good reason, i promise! :D

but first, some other reasons why i haven't been around:
  • having a cold/ sinus infection last week
  • food poisoning (brother, best friend, best friend's husband, best friend's two kids) on Sunday/ Monday... the whole she-bang too--lovely flu-like symptoms and basic inability to move.

but now i think that's basically over... i am pretty sure that's all behind me now.  at least i really really hope so :D

and i still haven't gotten to the "good reason" for me not being around lately... 

but first, do you remember this?  it was a project i posted during my return to blogging (in the summer), and i did a little summary of my life this year.

these canvases have been great reminders to me through the tough times i've had... but i have to say, they have also proven true very recently (like this last four days) in my life... because...

i have a job!

and happy girls really are the prettiest!  i start today--eek!  i'm so excited, you have no idea.  it's been a whirlwind couple of days getting everything ready/ done/ together.  i will be posting the particulars of how it came about (let's just say BIG TIME MIRACLE!) in another post when i have a little more time.

the basics:

  • teaching again (full time)
  • two junior highs (one in the morning, one in the afternoon)
  • different district than where i've been the last 5 years

:D so that's about all i can squeeze in now, but thanks for hanging in there with me--i've got some cool projects to share for Creative Paper Trade, and don't forget to enter your ideas for the 3rd 10 Minute Craft Dash... there's an awesome prize up for grabs! :D

thanks for stopping by, wish me luck! xoxo


Geri said...

Awesome, Ginny...I don't know the whole situation since I've not known you long, but you sound awfully excited...so happy for you!!!

Lisa said...

Ditto to what Geri said LOL!! And holy cow so sorry about all of the illness food poisoning is NO fun. Take care and good luck with the new job ;)

Cecelia said...

So glad that you have the job and are excited to start! Hugs!

~amy~ said...

wahoooooooooooo on the job!!!! so excited for you!!!!!