Monday, July 16, 2012

it's been a long time

hi everyone/ anyone!

i hate those blog posts when people come back after a long absence.  it just seems weird.  and this is weird to me too.  so i'm not going to say a whole bunch about what i've been up to since i last posted.  i'm pretty sure there will be bits and pieces that come out along the way.  instead i'm going to give you a nutshell and move on to a crafty thing, sound good?

  • got busy with volunteer work (summer 2011)
  • got busy with teaching (september 2011)
  • hospitalized for 6 days for cellulitis... nasty skin/ tissue infection (march 2012)
  • not allowed to work--doctor's orders (march-june 2012)
  • laid off from teaching because of "restructuring," completely unrelated to sickness (april 2012)
  • physical therapy appointments (june-present)
  • apartment lease ended (june 2012)
  • moved to parent's house (july 2012)
and that, my friends, has been my life in the recent-ish past.  oh, and you can probably fit "depressed" in there somewhere between getting cellulitis and getting laid off.  sometimes life isn't what we had planned, eh?

when i moved back to my parents house (temporarily until i find another job), i found that i needed some reminders to be positive, so i painted a few canvases with cool quotes in some bright colors (which you all know i LOVE!) to encourage me when i'm feeling low.

they were really fun and easy... i usually care more about the neatness factor (for instance on the yellow/ orange one) but for these, i just needed to get them done and displayed.

i've been taking pictures with my iPhone ever since my other camera has refused to turn on, which has been a long time.  i know they're not always the best quality, but it's all i've got at the moment.

hope you enjoy, and come back for some more crafty stuff (might not always be cards!)



Cecelia said...

Welcome back! I love your positive signs (esp. that Hepburn quote!). Am also totally in love with your blog design.

Keep making cute things. People will come.

...:::Paulina:::... said...

Yay, you're back!! :) Can't wait to see more of your beautiful crafty goodness in the near future!