Monday, July 16, 2012

manicure monday: nail obsession?

hey, it's me.

i TOLD you that i might not always be posting crafty stuff!  i *do* have some creativity to share though... it's been going on a while, but i've mainly been sharing it through Facebook and Instagram.

so, this is new feature on the blog "manicure monday" will be where i share some of my recent nail art designs/ creativity with you.  i might add a few posts about my nails throughout the week, but for sure, they'll be something every monday :D  and, at this point in my life, i am painting my nails with alarming frequency.  i used to think that the people i stalked read about on blogs that painted their nails once or more a day were crazy.  i don't anymore.

i haven't actually done a two-fer (painted my nails twice in one day) but i have thought about it (very seriously).  not because i don't like the end result, but because it's fun!

so, feel free to share with me which designs you like, or if you have questions (not that i'm any expert!) but i do love to cater to your needs/ feed a new obsession if i can!  if you want to borrow an idea from here (or anywhere else), it's always a good idea to give credit... you'll see that most of my ideas aren't necessarily 'my own.' 

the above was a sunset gradient idea i borrowed from a pinterest pin.  (if you want to follow me/ my nail board, just go HERE.)

these cheetah print nails were done the same day (they're just different hands, not bad eh?).  i love neon, i love sparkle, and i love fancy nails.  hence, the ridiculous nails!

i love the animal prints obviously! i stamped this design too (using a konad plate, i probably bought it because of Kristina's blog :D) and i again used a neon pink.

this one i'm super proud of... ombre designs are super popular now, and i decided to go with a green theme.  i stamped (using a cheeky plate) for this manicure as well, and i got a TON of compliments on it.  the stamping really does pull the whole idea together.

back in the days when i was just learning how to stamp on my nails, i did this manicure... used some coral Essie polish (i can look it up if you want to know the name) and the Insta-Dri from Sally Hansen. i don't think it's terrible for my third go around... :D

here's the last one i'm showing you today.  it's my first attempt at stamping.  i only did one nail, as an accent.  see how the image didn't transfer all the way?  sometimes in crafting that happens too if you're not careful.  stamping definitely requires practice, but it's totally worth it to tell someone who "LOVES your nails" that you did it yourself :D

hope you enjoyed, catch you later!

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UMMM... ridiculously awesome.