Monday, July 23, 2012

manicure monday: navy glitter nails

today i'm sharing a manicure from last month... i was going for something simple that would work for about a week (gasp! i know... that's such a long time for me!) with everything i was wearing.

so i picked a navy blue out of my stash, and added some Essie gold flakes.  i think the navy (called "Sailor" from Nina Ultra Pro) was great on it's own, but i wanted something fun but subtle.  so the gold glitter flakes were just the thing (they're from Essie, called "as gold as it gets" from their luxeffects collection).

here we go:

in the right light, these nails looked black, but they were perfect for what i needed.

hope you enjoyed!


Cecelia said...

Cute & subtle (not your usual combo?). I like this feature already.

Paulina said...

So fun! between my fills, if I need a polish change, I should just have you do it for me. ;) Extra nails to do? WHAT!!