Sunday, May 1, 2011

happy birthday (to me)

hey y'all!
i thought i'd pop in for my birthday and say hello/ goodbye (i gotta run... i'm watching 4 kids between the ages of 9 and 1 for my friend for part of the day & part of yesterday).

and, since i love you so much, i thought i'd share some cards with you as well. i never know what you're in need of inspiration wise, but i hope this fits the bill in some way :D

the first one up features a free-hand patterned paper banner with Lawn Fawn stamps that i borrowed from Paulina one time we had a crazy crafting session a while back...
and here we have a VERRRY me card... that color, the glitter, the flower, the ribbon leaves, etc. (p.s. if i've shared this card before, enjoy it a 2nd time!)

anyway, that really IS all i have time for, but best wishes to you all...