Monday, February 14, 2011

a few things i love...

happy valentine's day! mine is being spent at home from work because i have the flu... my fever broke last night, but two days of chills and overheating has me wiped. i'm trying to take it easy, so i thought i'd save a full project for a different day.

one thing i love doing is sharing some of the things that make me smile, so i'll jump right in:

1) Glee... love it. can't wait to own season 2 on DVD.
2) almond cluster granola (in bulk) for cheap at the local grocery store. $0.78/ lb is hard to beat!

3) an upcoming project that i personally think is amazing... sneak peek below:

4) fleece blankets (you know the kind that are 2-layers, tied along the edges?) in pink and zebra print. what lifesavers when i was shivering my skin off during this fever/ flu.

5) my mom who calls me just because and upon hearing i'm sick announces, "i'm coming over. what do you want me to bring?" and then despite my protests of, "i'll make you sick," brings a HAUL from Costco... microwaveable meals, juice, chocolate milk (my fav), 4 pots of petunias, pre-mixed salad, frozen lasagna, mini cinnamon rolls, almond cookies, and a bouquet of valentine's day roses. gosh, i'm one lucky girl, huh?

what are you loving right now? i'd love to hear what makes you smile! :D

...and that's all i have for today, go enjoy yourself!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

DeNami Buttons Blog Hop

DeNami February Blog Hop

welcome! so glad you could join in on the fun with the Denami Buttons Blog Hop! you should have come from Sue Lelli's blog, and if you didn't/ got lost/ want to start at the beginning, then just go HERE. :D you're sure to see inspiration from everyone today!

today i have a non-traditional project to share with you... i actually couldn't decide on which one to show until friday night, when i wore this necklace to a jr. high dance i was chaperoning :D (oh, don't you remember those days of young love? :) hehe!)

so for this necklace, i borrowed my idea from Jennifer McGuire, and i dug through my stash of buttons to find a rainbow collection, which for anyone who knows me, is TOTALLY my style. i tell people all the time that my favorite COLOR is "red, black, pink, and blue. oh, and i like orange, yellow and green too. purple's not bad either!" you see?

and of course i have to package it all pretty :D i stamped a white dot background with the Denami polka dots [love!] and then added some ribbon and flowers... as well as that cute tag that features a Denami sentiment, "you're a sweetie!" wouldn't this make a great gift for someone? a sweet little surprise? :D

so what do you think? i love wearing this with just about anything, and it's totally a rush when someone asks--"DID YOU MAKE THAT??" ha! anyway, hope you enjoyed... be sure to leave a comment for a chance to qualify for a gift certificate to Denami Design. oh, and be on your way to Ruza Rebel's fabulous blog for more eye candy!

happy hopping & come again! :D