Sunday, December 29, 2013

Thirty Reasons - Birthday Edition

On her thirtieth birthday, I present--

Thirty Reasons Why Cecelia Larsen (my awesome sister) Rocks:

30. She has a cool name.  C-E-C-E-L-I-A.  Not many women have that name or spelling.  Which I know isn't really up to her, but what IS up to her is how awesome she makes that name.  I know for a fact that she is the coolest, most awesome Cecelia that any of her friends know.  Word.
29. She's just the right height.
28. Ummm, book recommendation QUEEN.  She will never relinquish this title.  She reads so much all the time that there is definitely something she can find for you that you will LOVE love LOVE and gush to your friends about.  Even if you're the younger sibling and you're going through a phase where "I-will-not-read-anything-my-sister-recommends."
27. She makes thirty years old look CLASSY.  And cute.  And beautiful.  She is gorgeous.
26. Funny faces.  Which is odd that this reason follows the "classy" reason, but it's true.  She makes really awesome funny faces.
25. She can be bossy when the need arises.  It's a good thing.
24. She's not a horrible driver.
23. She plays water polo.  And she's a good teammate.  We worked well together (and am assuming we still do because we have this "connection" in the pool), and she can pretty much rock any sport in which she participates.  High school: swimming and tennis.  College: swimming and water polo.  Now: Floor hockey.  << Like, DANG, that's hardcore.
22. She has good taste in nail polish.  (HEY! These reasons are MY reasons for why she rocks, not yours!)
21. She is tri-lingual (English, Spanish, and Portuguese).
19. She isn't stale.  She keeps learning, learning, learning.
18. When she belly-laughs and does that hand-clapping thing along with it, you'll laugh along with her.  Probably with tears in your eyes too.  She's that hilarious.  Unless you're soulless.
20. And! She knows how to make you smile! (Like sending you a picture of otters on a bad day you're having, or a text with the crazy secret code that means "I love you" just to make you feel better).  That stuff.
17. She likes eating food.  And reading, and doing normal things, like going to Costco [because of the Polish Dogs].  It doesn't have to be fancy around her, but Cecelia can definitely fit in if the joint is classy OR hoi polloi.
16. She finds good music and shares it with me.  Jack Johnson, Zee Avi, Florence + The Machine...
15. She likes Brie.
14. She is wise.  I wouldn't say that she has the best street-smarts out of anyone I know (that's a hard title to earn), but she definitely gets the prize for wise-ness most of the time.  She has helped me through some tough times, and she's sort of good at being the serious encourager--the "Ignore what they say about you," type of encouragement, because, "I know you're awesome."  That's the kind of wise I'm talking about.  
13. She writes the best postcards.  See my fridge.  It's packed.  *Le sigh*  Best traveling gift ever.
12.  She's allergic to awkward.  Sort of.  See, it's hard to explain--because I am so awkward sometimes and she still loves me, but let's explain using movies.  She can't sit through movies that make her feel awkward.  She's very empathetic, and/ or maybe she's had millions of awkward moments before that remind her of *that THING* in the movie, but she's pretty much incapable of sitting through any mildly or not-so-mildly awkward movie.  Although, I hear she is getting better at it.
11. Oh, yeah--she likes movies.  She's [mostly] a good movie-goer, and will laugh hard enough to literally make you feel uncomfortable enough to switch rows, seats, or theaters when she likes a funny part.  But seriously, we share taste in movies most of the time, and since I will usually like the stuff she likes, then she's a great movie-pal.
10. Trend-setting.  She likes steampunk.  And zombies (or maybe that was a phase).  She likes the fringe stuff before it gets really cool--which is like being a finder or a savant for new stuff.  Which she likes to brag about occasionally.
9. Cecelia can find the best gifts for anyone, anywhere, anytime.  She is the pro.  And the best part is, you didn't even know it was 184% perfect for you, because SHE did, and she got it for you knowing you would die with shock and pleasure when you opened it.
8. She is a great traveller.  I have loved every single trip we've taken together.  We have been to Spain, Italy, and Brazil together.  It was amazing.  We had really awesome times--fun and crazy times.  Good pictures, great stories, and memories forever.
7. She is a great writer.  As a result, she's pretty popular among book-bloggers, because she reviews books with pizzazz and truthfulness.  (I would tell you how many followers she has, and that she got invited to be a judge for a book award, but then I'd just be going overboard).  
6. She's passionate.  This one is hard to describe.  Her hobbies show her passion the most, but they're so much more than that.  If you get her riled up and talking about something she LOVES, then just sit back and enjoy the ride.  You'll get a glimpse of what makes her tick, what makes her smile, and what makes her cry.  It's part of what makes her awesome.
5. Protective.  She's the oldest child (hahahahahaha: SHE'S the OLDest!), and as such sometimes took on motherly qualities with the remaining four siblings (of which I am #2).  But, there were a few times in water polo (see reason #3) where siblings' physical wellness or honor was being impinged, and she jumped right in like a mama bear.  So hard core.  There were threats, and actions on said threats, and one girl got a bloody nose, and she didn't get caught (that was a long time ago).  It was almost scary.  I just know that she's going to be a great mom.  Because if she cares about me that much, then how much is she going to love her future little mini-mes?
4. She can bake, and cook, and create amazingly delicious dishes.  This girl is ridiculous.  She'll decide to make something for the coworkers on a Sunday night, and BAM! I'm sitting over here the next day reading the mouth-wattering reviews confirming that concoctions awesomeness in Washington just wishing she would overnight me a smidgen of that goodness.  Just check out her blog ( if you don't believe me.  But you'd be silly not to believe me.  But check it out anyways.
3. Super competitive.  Don't play Monopoly, or Spoons, or water polo, or Bridge, or board games where there's only one winner unless you want to go home crying.
2. She is related to me--DUH.  I'm awesome.  Awesome rubs off onto other people.  That reason should be number one, really.
1. She's lovely.  She is loving.  They're interchangeable qualities.  I know that according to some people you're not supposed to be best friends with your siblings.  Well, it's kind of hard NOT to with Cece.  She's great.  I love her.  She's the best.

Friday, November 30, 2012

all yellow and blue...

hi!  happy friday!  :D

i know it might be considered bad taste, or conceited, but i just have to say it... i LOVE this card.  i don't know if i'm ever going to give it away.  you'll have to wrench it from my cold hands when i'm dead.  (ew, no, not really.  that's just weird.)

but i do love the sentiment and the colors, and the whole thing.

have any of you read "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin?  i highly recommend it... it's got great anecdotes and advice throughout the whole thing.  it's one of those books that i am telling everyone about, because it's so appropriate for me.  it just fits my life right now.  i bet it would fit yours too... go read it!

but remember that day, like tuesday or wednesday, that i said i'm pretty much addicted to using tags on my cards... yeah.  evidence.  RIGHT HERE.

:D but anyway, i love the layers, the colors that i don't normally put together, but did for the sake of that lovely heart and flower from CPT creations :D

thanks for stopping by, i have a Nutcracker performance to see tonight!  (told you it was the Christmas season!)


Thursday, November 29, 2012

instagram love. (random edition)

haven't done one of these in a longgggg time... 

not many words, as per usual.

favorite 2 year old sleeping... UM > adorable!

my youngest brother has an obsession...

i took them to the fair by myself (with brother)

after the big kid roller coaster!

all of us at the fair

my "nephews" on my lap!

shot from Bumbershoot, playing with effects

new, awesome shoes

cheering for closest swimmer!

my lovely and loving parents--they're old school awesome.
and that's it.  hope you have a great day!

thanks for stopping by, xoxo!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

hello friend!

hi there friends!  how does this middle of the week Wednesday find you?

tonight right after school i have a meeting, and then i have an ornament exchange/ ladies get-together for one of my schools.  should be fun!  i haven't decided on my ornament yet, i was going to make one, but i'd have to do that like, NOW.  so, i'll let you know what happened with the ornaments (i'm hoping to get a pink one :D)!

this card features an SRM sentiment with more flowery goodness.  not any patterned paper, just some yummy colors in the fabric ribbon, the die cut flowers, the Prima flowers, and the little birdy from CPT.

somehow i can't stop using tags on my cards... it makes creating them so easy!

well, i'm keeping this short... like i said, i have to find an ornament to give away :D

thanks for stopping by, xoxo!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

B is for Balloons

hi there!  today B stands for BRIGHT as well... this card is the perfect pick-me-up from any of the cold weather blues you may be experiencing.  or maybe it's the sniffles.  or the sneezes.  no fun to be sick during the holiday season!

anyway, this card is chock full of dimension--flowers, canvas flowers, an alphabet card, washi tapes, some fabric ribbon and even a cute banner stick pin.

today i'm going to pick up the couch to add to my living room... i'm excited because it's also a pull-out bed, and i've been desperately needing one for guests that come along (and it also allows me to open my home more).  pretty happy about getting it for FREE as well :D  and even the delivery too--my youngest brother Joey has a truck that can haul just about anything.

you know what they say about people with trucks right?  they get asked to help with moving people/ things all the time... well, it's true.  i shamelessly use my brother to help me get things from point A to B if they can't fit in my awesome "Red Rocket" (aka a cherry red Toyota Matrix that i LOVE).

okay, back to the card...

you see what i mean?  all those lovely bright colors... they sort of remind me of some of my Christmas decorations... i decorate my tree in white/ silver/ and PINK.

well, what do you think?  a good pick-me-up card?  or maybe even for birthdays :D

thanks for stopping by, xoxo!

Monday, November 26, 2012

because i still have a heart...

how was your Thanksgiving (if you celebrated it)?  do you still have leftovers?  (mine are currently tupperware'd up into 7 lunch portions... not sure what i'm going to do with the rest of it...)  has it turned chilly where you live?

i thought i'd pop in here again to share a quick project i made from some scraps on my craft table (to be honest, this was a long time ago).  i know i have been gone for about a month? well, maybe not a month, but it feels like it... every time i think about the blog, i think--"GOSH, why haven't i posted?" and then i move on to the next thing and forget that passing thought about this blog...

things have been going on over here though:
  • i hosted Thanksgiving at my apartment this year, made my first turkey, and first gravy, and it turned out GREAT! everyone had a great time, we enjoyed the company and food, and it was just right.  i so enjoyed my Thanksgiving this year.  it was needed.
  • i re-arranged my living room furniture to make room for another couch.  it has a more "grown-up" feel now, by virtue of the layout.  i like it a lot.
  • i have the bare bones of my Christmas tree up.  half of the pre-lit clear lights aren't working (which isn't a big deal since i cover my tree in about 8 strands of pink lights, so yah.)
  • i am doing my National Boards (NBCT) for teaching, and my brain is unable to contain the needed information.  hence, my phone and planner are my substitute 'brain books.' if i lost either of them, i know i would have a nervous break down.
  • i have made about three trips to IKEA recently. had some returns, bought a floor lamp, more curtains, and other general house-things.
  • i have my ears pierced.  i am buying myself cute earrings as i see them.  no rush, though.
  • i have three major commitments/ concerts with my band next weekend--it's officially the Christmas season!
  • my apartment is slowly but surely getting decorated... more slowly than surely, i'd say though.  my goal is to have it all done before my sister, brother, aunt, and grandma come to visit for Christmas. 
anyway, on to my card.  *good for you if you've made it this far... and if you skipped that other stuff, oh well!*

the gray, the white, and the little bits of red make me smile.  i love layers, so of course i have a funky flower there :D

hope you enjoyed, hope to be back more often than before.  let me know what you've been up to!

thanks for stopping by, xoxo!

Friday, November 2, 2012

CPT: Tip Top Shape - Circles

hi there!

it's me, the long lost blogger... ha!  i'm here today for a quick share of the creation i whipped up for the Tip Top Shape challenge over at the CPT blog.  you should seriously check it out... the inspiration photo (the white throw pillow) is so cool, don't you think?

anyway, there are a lot of ways you could interpret the circles onto a project, but i decided to go with a card featuring tons of circular objects.  that's just how i roll :D

in this close up, you can see all the little circles i included on the front...
I used all sorts of circles on the front of the card (bottle cap, stickers, flower stickers, doily, kraft scalloped circle, polka dots, flower tissue paper circle, silhouette circles on the washi tape), and then i added an inside to the card as well... more circles there too!

now, for those of you who know me and have been following for a while, you know a few things... i don't do insides of cards, and i don't color (at least that much).  but here, today, you get to see a card with both!  how lucky!

i got to use the Abigail image from Paper Sweeties, so excited to see people wanting to sponsor what Andrea and the DT (including me :D) are doing over at CPT

happy friday! thanks for stopping by, xoxo