Thursday, February 26, 2009

2sketches4you, laura's #20!

here i go again... i got to create a few cards using Laura's fabulous sketch from 2sketches4you! i've been really busy with water polo coaching starting this week, but it was really nice to come home and create with a card idea already thought out.

here's my first try, but i thought it didn't follow the sketch as closely as i'd like, so i used the same patterned paper and tried again.

so here's the 2nd finished product... i like both of the end results--kinda different for me ...or maybe not? :)

i'm super excited for friday... i just love the weekends. plus, school will be a breeze *crosses fingers* because i'm showing The Diary of Anne Frank to my 8th graders.

well, take care, and have a great night's sleep!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

kwerners color inspiration #42

so here i find myself happily postng a few cards i made last night even though they were past the deadline for Kristina Werner's Color Inspiration. i had gotten home from a sleepover and was ready to create, and i was busily working when my parents, Joey, and his guy friends came home. they'd just come from Mossyrock where they were shooting the various pistols, rifles, and semi-automatics that they had acquired. my dad had just gotten a new pistol, and brother got a new rifle. so i unfortunately was left out of the gun fun (seriously, shooting's a blast if you've never tried) and was bombarded with a lot of news and excitement all in the middle of my work time. well, when i had finished catching up with everyone, it was past the deadline... *TEAR*

BUT! to make a long story shorter: my friend, Paulina, told me that the deadline had been extended, so of course, here we are.

i think i like the first card better just by virtue of the flower, and the fact that i wasn't too sure what to do with the chipboard piece that i'd gotten out. maybe you have some suggestions on how to use a piece like that?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2sketches4you, kazan's #20!

wow, it's been a while since i've posted an actual card. but never fear, i've been making tons of cards over here... i actually had a list of +/- 50 Valentine's cards to give to friends, family, and swimmers... i mass produced about 24 small cards from one of my favorite simple designgs that i'll have to post sometime. but i was really excited to get back from PA (where i cheered for brothers Pete and Link in their MAJOR swim meet in which they did AMAZING!) and check out the new sketch from Kazan. last night i got to work and came out with something pretty cute...

whatdya' think? like the cherries?

i wasn't sure if the flower was too much, but it's bright and cheery. let me know what you think, it's fun reading your opinions... :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

eye candy for blog candy

when i saw the 2sketches4you blog this monday, i was really excited to post something other than a card. don't get me wrong, i'm totally going to try out the sketch this week, but i like to take a break every now and then from cards all the time.

so, there's a cute contest going on with random winners. the rules are simple--post a picture of someone special in your life (i.e. husband, boyfriend, etc), or someone who is your 'eye candy'. i don't have a husband or bf, so when i thought of who i would post a picture of, i couldn't resist thinking of one of my favorite movie stars: Ewan McGregor. so hot, such a great voice (ah! Moulin Rouge!), and a *great* smile...

but then i thought: HONESTLY, Virginia, WHO is TRULY special in your life? and i KNOW that this may sound cheesy, but my youngest brother Joey is an absolute GEM.

i'm the 2nd of 5 children in my family, and i'm 5 years senior to my youngest brother Joey. currently we both still live at home with the family, which is fine with both of us (don't have to cook/ clean much, and we aren't lonely, and get to hang out all the time). i can honestly say that every one of my girlfriends has told me what a great guy my little bro is... and i have to agree! he's funny, PERCEPTIVE (!!when is that common in young men around the age of 18?!!), kind, and very positive. i get hugs whenever i want, get help with card-making (wow!), and he'll even go see a chick flick with me if no one else is around (don't tell anyone i said that).

so seriously, i can't say enough about how great Joey is... and funny story--today i came home from school (i teach 8th graders), and Joey came out to help me bring in my bags with a HUGE smile on his face. i asked: "why are you so happy?" and his reply was, "i ordered a book online, and i got it today. it's called, 'The Poor Mans James Bond.'" so no sweat, even though Joey's sensitive and loving, he's still learning the important things in life: like how to make firecrackers and how to convert shotgun shells to bombs :) he makes me smile.

Monday, February 2, 2009

i want candy! among other things...

i love the beginning of the song "I Want Candy," because it's so peppy and full of fun! kind of reminds me of my friend, Paulina, who is giving away her very first round of blog candy. if you haven't been over to her blog, you totally have to check it out--Paulina is so classy and creative with all her creations (wow, now that's some alliteration!) and above all that, she's an awesome friend.

she's giving away some great stamps, ribbon, and embellishments, and entering is super easy--go on over now!

in other news, i just got back from Canada where i attended a conference called Missions Fest. i got to go last year, and it was amazing--i got to hear missionaries from all over the world give their perspectives and stories on how God has been working in their lives and in the lives of those they were/ are serving. i have to say, this year was even better--so much encouragement, and i have come back home with a greater burden to lift others up in prayer. if you ever need/ want someone to pray for you, please ask! i'd love to intercede for you.

speaking of prayer, my neighbor, one i don't know well, just got robbed. literally. i went shopping to wal-mart, jo-ann's and sally beauty, and when i came back (8pm), my neighbor said "hey!" and then came over to explain that she'd gotten home when i was leaving (1 1/2 hrs previous) to find her garage door open, the car gone, and tons of valuables missing (including the computer, stereo, etc). i can't imagine having everything taken like that--i'd go crazy! you can think of her and her family... i don't even know her name, but she could use prayer.

also, i gave my 8th graders a journal assignment today:

"Have you ever had someone/ something you love get hurt, or die? How did/ are you dealing with that?"

i know it was a pretty heavy question to ask 13 and 14 year olds, but we're going to be talking about the Holocaust and Anne Frank and i told them they need to prepare themselves now if they haven't already. sad, but true. i thought of that journal prompt because my golden lab, Cookie, got hurt the other day.

she's a sweet, sweet dog, and such a people pleaser. when i was in Canada, my dad brought in the dog and found that she had a humungously swollen jaw area, and dried blood all along her neck and jaw area. she wasn't eating, and was visibly pained. my parents took her to the vet today (so it'd been 2 days), and the abcess (read: MAJOR swelling) had to be drained using a couple of tubes... which are still in her jaw/ neck area. she had to have stiches, get drugged up, and have fluid drained. my parents are taking her back to get the tubes removed in 3 days, she'll get the stiches out in a week, and right now she still looks pretty miserable as you can see from the photo of her face. thankfully, she's okay, and the swelling went down (from about 4/5 inches out from her face to almost normal). the vet said a raccoon probably bit her (!!!) but that she would be okay.

well, i told this story to my 8th graders, not knowing the current vet situation, and i had about 3-5 students visibly crying in class regarding my dog's plight... i've got some emotionally sensitive kids in class (in a good way).

speaking of teaching, i made a teacher's card for my friend Christina who just started her student teaching about 2-3 weeks ago. i know what it was like to start out with no experience, so i'm going to try to bolster her confidence with this handmade cutie:

anyway, i think that's it... i'll be posting more cards very soon i'm sure--i still have to finish some Valentine's and card sets for my church's auction.

have a great night, and thanks for looking!