Tuesday, February 10, 2009

eye candy for blog candy

when i saw the 2sketches4you blog this monday, i was really excited to post something other than a card. don't get me wrong, i'm totally going to try out the sketch this week, but i like to take a break every now and then from cards all the time.

so, there's a cute contest going on with random winners. the rules are simple--post a picture of someone special in your life (i.e. husband, boyfriend, etc), or someone who is your 'eye candy'. i don't have a husband or bf, so when i thought of who i would post a picture of, i couldn't resist thinking of one of my favorite movie stars: Ewan McGregor. so hot, such a great voice (ah! Moulin Rouge!), and a *great* smile...

but then i thought: HONESTLY, Virginia, WHO is TRULY special in your life? and i KNOW that this may sound cheesy, but my youngest brother Joey is an absolute GEM.

i'm the 2nd of 5 children in my family, and i'm 5 years senior to my youngest brother Joey. currently we both still live at home with the family, which is fine with both of us (don't have to cook/ clean much, and we aren't lonely, and get to hang out all the time). i can honestly say that every one of my girlfriends has told me what a great guy my little bro is... and i have to agree! he's funny, PERCEPTIVE (!!when is that common in young men around the age of 18?!!), kind, and very positive. i get hugs whenever i want, get help with card-making (wow!), and he'll even go see a chick flick with me if no one else is around (don't tell anyone i said that).

so seriously, i can't say enough about how great Joey is... and funny story--today i came home from school (i teach 8th graders), and Joey came out to help me bring in my bags with a HUGE smile on his face. i asked: "why are you so happy?" and his reply was, "i ordered a book online, and i got it today. it's called, 'The Poor Mans James Bond.'" so no sweat, even though Joey's sensitive and loving, he's still learning the important things in life: like how to make firecrackers and how to convert shotgun shells to bombs :) he makes me smile.


~dawne said...

Aaaahhhh....*sigh*....Ewan? So hot he is*sigh* thanks for posting his pict for us!!

Laura Davis said...

Oh yes I would have to agree Ewan is HOT!!!!
Awww how sweet are you to gush over your brother, cute, cute, cute!
Thanks for playing!