Tuesday, July 17, 2012

from the archives...

when i saw a post in draft form on my blogger dashboard, i was immediately going to delete it, but decided to check if there were any pictures loaded already... and YES, there were a few (below).

but first, you'll have to forgive the editing/ quality of the pictures.  not really sure what i was thinking way back when.  i think these cards have been shipped off or are long gone in a gift somewhere.  not quite sure.

but the colors are cool, and i did do some stamping (PTI) and a few rub-ons (which is NOT normal for me).

so maybe these make you smile because they're cute, or because the photos are well... just check them out!

i remember that the cupcake chipboard elements are from DCWV... the above card says "daydream"

and this one says "golden days."

ha! so there you go!  a blast from the past so to speak.

hope you enjoyed!

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