Wednesday, July 18, 2012

a (not so) mini album

hey there!

it's weird... because of my long absence here on the blog, there's a lot of projects that i haven't shared.  i'm not sure how many will actually make it to the blog, but when i was browsing i TOTALLY knew that i was sharing this mini album.

i had a lot of fun making this, it started out as a kit from The Button Farm Club (can't remember which month), but i totally ignored the directions, found some extras from my stash, and went with the flow... i think the end result is awesome.

sometimes i really love working with a certain paper collection, and sometimes i like to take snippets and use them sparingly throughout a lot of projects.  honestly, it depends how pretty the paper is, and whether i have a few extra sheets.

i'm not gonna lie, i'm kind of a hoarder in regards to paper crafting.  (*blushes*)  but aren't we all?  in some way/ in some area?  take my sister, for instance.  she's an AMAZING book blogger (who also posts funny musings and yummy recipes), but she'd be the first to tell you that she has a book problem. i think she ran out of shelf space at least a year ago... and i'll have to stop poking fun at her--she might stop sending me the ones that "i just HAVE to read!" ha, i love her, book hoarding and all.

okay, on to the actual mini...  don't have any of my own photos in this one.  not sure if that means i'll be selling it, or if i'm just waiting for the perfect pictures :D

it's going to be a very photo heavy post, and my apologies in advance for not editing any of them (sheepish grin) because there were so stinkin' many!
inside the front cover...
and the pullouts... i LOVE washi tape.  especially when it coordinates with a travel theme!
yay for October Afternoon making some awesome designs!
you can see smidges of washi tape at the top of this page...
oh! i loved this page... a smorgasbord!
the 'travel' vocabulary card could have been used on every single page... i loved it!
here's an addition i thought was awesome... the Maya Road kraft envelope! <3 *le sigh*
yay doilies and chevron paper bags!
the pullouts for journalling or extra pictures...
i built the pocket up on this one so you could really add a TON of those extra pictures you're not sure where to put in your albums... it can hold a lot!
i thought the dinner menu was so cute... something you could turn over and jot down what you had for a meal on the trip you took...
again, another pocket here for bigger items or paraphernalia... this page was really thick with back to back pockets.
the fun pullouts!
that little dog! LOVE :D
even though this has a London tag on it, all the red white and blue still reminds me of the USA!
that star washi tape = amazing! more pullouts and chevron bags.
i like adding jewels to the mini tags... that extra glitter is important!
definitely a spot for journalling...
and finally we're on the last page (inside of back cover)... i added some buttons/ trinkets here.
then this flap lifts up for more picture space!
gotta keep the back nice and flat, so some washi tape and paper did the trick.  all done!
and there you have a side view of all the pages.  i loved the tabs on the ends... they were a pain to cut/ trim, but i think it makes the mini lots of fun and brings a bit more character...

so what do you think?  i know there's a lot to process, but i'd love to hear from you!

thanks for stopping by... xoxo


Cecelia said...

So CUTE! I love it, and it would be perfect for storing travel memories. Also: thanks for the shout-out.

...:::Paulina:::... said...

LOVE. THIS. TO. PIECES. You always do such an amazing job with your albums. Each one is a fab piece of art! Gosh, I need to get me some washi tape.... can you believe I have yet to pick a roll up for myself??! Craziness, I tell ya!

~amy~ said...

w e l c o m e b a c k!!!!

ahhhh....such a total you project...I love all the elements! FABulous.