Monday, September 17, 2012

monday manicure: the accent nail(s) debate

oh hai!

as you can maybe see from my title, i'm broaching the subject of the accent nail.  like, paint all your nails on your hands the same except for one.  or two, or however many.

sometimes you'll see me sporting more than one accent nail, sometimes not.  this manicure, i've got two, and since you can't see my thumb in this one, i'll just say that it's blue like the pinky and ring fingers.

i know some people who hate accent nails.  think they're stupid/ weird/ whatever.

i know others who SWEAR by them...

and honestly, with this manicure, i LOVE the two accent nails.  i know you might not, but i thought it was a super fun (and easy) way to incorporate more of what i love into one manicure.  so, i'm SOLD.

pretty sure i'll be rocking the occasional accent nail til kingdom come, so be prepared! :D

thanks for stopping by, i'd love to hear what you think about accent nails and know what you're up to this lovely monday!  xoxo

1 comment:

Cecelia said...

You rebel, you. I don't like the accent nail myself, but I think you work it well. And of course, the more colors for Ginny, the better. *grin*