Saturday, September 8, 2012

instagram love. (tourist edition)

hi there!

i've been gone from commenting on all your blogs lately because i'm getting ready for some awesome things! and, i happen to be taking my best friend's kiddos to the fair today.  four of them... so i haven't had tons of time to update here and check out your stuff.  but i will: PROMISE!

again, from the title you may have noticed that i have a mostly pictures post... these are from Labor Day weekend, when Ellen, my college roommate came to visit Washington for the first time.  i'm not going to post all of them, just the photos i 'edited' with instagram (love that app!)  if you want to follow me on instagram, my handle is ginnylougirl.

here we go:

i won tickets from a local radio station to the Seattle Music & Arts Festival called "Bumbershoot." awesome.

brother came along.  he's cool.

the space needle.  we were listening to jazz at the starbucks stage.

Gotye in concert. not the greatest seats (but they were free!)

great comedians. and Ken Jennings. (2nd from the left)

AWOLnation in concert. AWESOME-ness! best song = SAIL.

Pike Place Market flowers.

obligatory picture at the market

ferry ride!

Seattle skyline (great wheel on the right)

ferry wake and Seattle

Museum of Glass in Tacoma

ditto above

right on the water in Tacoma

sculptures at Museum of Glass in Tacoma

Old Town Tacoma statues... :D

silly photos in LensCrafters. we are dorks, yes!

duck faces. :D

it was an awesome weekend.  non-stop stuff... i'm making a mini album x2 (one for Ellen, one for me) to document the weekend... we picked up lots of paraphernalia along the way, so it will be chock full of memories.

hope you enjoyed my silly-ness and crazy photos.  thanks for stopping by, xoxo


~amy~ said...

From Seattle to Tacoma...awesome pics! I bet you all had so much fun and the weather was fab:)

maria f. said...

Just came by from Creative Paper Trade. Nice to meet you. Love these photos - have to put that glass museum on my bucket list. Tip for you for nails (you probably know?!?): put newsprint on nails by applying a bit of alcohol to the newspaper on top of your polished nail. Pull paper off and print stays. One DD came home with...

Cecelia said...

I love the photos! You have such an eye for color - and beauty.