Monday, September 3, 2012

monday manicure: stamping + tribal combo?

okay, before you get sick of all my neons, i have to tell you that i think this is one of my last neon manicures for a while... i think.  maybe.

not really sure, actually.

but you'll love this one, promise!

i used a stamping plate along with my neons (which are hard to see in this picture), and that image was amazing!  it was kind of a geometric pattern... you can see lots of triangles and stripes in it.

details galore!

underneath the stamping:

  • white base from China Glaze (white on white)
  • neon orange from Orly
  • neon pink from Nina Ultra Pro (punki pink? i think it's called)
and in that order too.  i swiped the neons from the base of my nail to the tip with a diagonal, creating a little white vee poking out at the bottom.  don't know if i'd leave that white space again, seeing as it kinda looks like i messed up the stamping part (that whole 'off-center' thing?) but...

i still love neons.  i would wear them all the time.

except i wouldn't be able to wear other fun colors too.  oh, nevermind.

thanks for stopping by! xoxo


Cecelia said...

Love these nails! You are funny. 'Except then I wouldn't be able to wear other fun colors too.'

Heidi Van Laar said...

So fun! I'm a nail polish fanatic too :)