Friday, June 12, 2009

boy's bday card...

last weekend i went to two parties (well, three, really), one of which was a bday celebration for a guy friend from church. i'm still honing my "guy card" skills, and i don't claim to have a handle on them, but he seemed to like it, and my brothers approved as well.

later, though, i got the comment from ANOTHER guy friend (ahem *CHASEN*) that, "If a card has ribbon on it, it's not a guy card." oops. oh well.

hope you like it, i'll try to post some more attempts later :D

have a great weekend... only 1.5 days left of school!


celi.a said...

i *might* have to agree with Chasen. it's perfect otherwise, though. love the contrast with the dark ribbon and light-colored string. and the bicycle print is genius.

Heidi Van Laar said...

Totally adorable! I have those bicycle papers and have yet to use have inspired me!