Tuesday, June 16, 2009

happy birthday DAD!

my dad is awesome.

it's his birthday today.

he's now sixty-four years old.

good thing he has me to keep him young ;) no, really, he hangs out with younger friends and our family, so he's guaranteed to stay on his toes...

here's a couple of things i love about my dad:

  1. he's funny. not funny-looking, just funny. he has a great sense of humor, his laugh is INCREDIBLY contagious, and he can make up jokes. i remember sitting at the top of the stairs by my room listening to my parents watch movies. i was always so jealous because my dad would be laughing his head off while i was supposed to be "in bed." no fair.
  2. he's creative. he'll be retired for 2 years now from Boeing, and he's still loving it. he spends a lot of his time in the garden, building structures for the garden, or reading/ writing about garden things, or his life. he's been a writer all his life, and i'm so thankful for his creativity... some's rubbed off on me. check out his creativity over at his Garden Handyman blog--he'd be honored if you left a comment!
  3. he loves God. i wouldn't be the person i am now without my dad's great example. (thanks dad!)
  4. he likes movies, food, and music. i can always count on my dad to watch a movie with me, and maybe even cry at the same parts... or to get up and do some funny dance moves while i'm listening to something "catchy." he's easy to be around, and people are surprised to find out he's so cool... which i don't get--he's ALWAYS been cool in my opinion. (okay, so maybe there were a few times in jr. high where he embarrassed me, but oh well.) it's nice to know that he's not shy around family.
  5. he's a great dad and i know he'll be a great grandfather... (not that i forsee that becoming a reality in the near future... i'm not engaged, dating, or even have possibilities... ditto w/ siblings) my dad had tickle wars in the living room, chased us around the house, around the tree fort, built the tree fort, taught us how to mow the 5 acres of grass, how to use a saw, how to do laundry, how to build things, and how to scream going down rollercoasters.

i am so grateful for my dad.

Dad, you are amazing. I thank God for you. May you have many years to come. <3

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celi.a said...

yaay!!! perfect 'dad in a nutshell' post. and i like that photo! where were you?