Monday, June 29, 2009

new embellies! tulle + buttons + pins

i bought some tulle on discount a while back and decided to see what i could do with it on my cards. i wanted to keep things simple on this card, but pretty all the same. i ended up using several small pieces of tulle to create a "flower" type embellishment that i will surely use again. i included a button and some pins to top it off (oh, and ribbon/ twine too).

i didn't use a sentiment on these cards because i thought they could be an everyday kind of card. the stamp comes from Impress Rubber stamps, and i love using it --the swirl looks like stiching, and with the right ink color, it's awesome :D

anyway, i'm trying to come up with some plans for 4th of July... i usually go with my family to a big party/ gathering with friends from church, but this year, no one is hosting one! plus, my parents will be out of town at a family reunion, so i'm trying to get some friends together on my own. we'll see how that goes. what are your plans for the 4th? bbq, fireworks? making sure your dog doesn't run away from all the noisy "pops" and "bangs"? (we have to bring Cookie inside every 4th--else she whines the whole night through.)
anyway, thanks for looking, and have a great day!


celi.a said...

these cards are stunning in their simplicity, and yet they have enough detail to be interesting and sophisticated. the blue color palate is one you haven't explored much before, but I love it. great creativity with using those different elements!

Papertrails by a paper lover said...

great cards!