Thursday, August 16, 2012

i love my sister. (and more)

today i decided to share a non-crafty bit of my life (well, mostly non crafty).

as you can probably tell from the post title, it's about my parents spawn (haha, just kidding, i love her!) sister, Cecelia.  who just so happens to be an awesome (and somewhat famous) book/ food/ life blogger.

i'm the one in black.  Cecelia is in purple.  we were at our cousin's NYC park wedding.
as it turns out, we were born 18 months apart, and we've had a mix of people who think we're not related at all, to being identical twins (which i still don't quite understand because we don't look *that* alike).

but, be that as it may, we grew up together and did lots of stuff together... like join the swim team, swim the same 'main' stroke, learn how to drive (ack, that was torture! not the part about learning w/ my sister, the learning to drive part), trips across the country by ourselves, attending sleepovers, etc.

and when we were younger we shared a room, but when i turned 8 years old i went to a Girl Scout's camp and came back to my own room.  it was cool.  i liked it.  but somehow Cecelia and i would sometimes end up in the other sister's bed at night... you know, just to chill out.  it was like that for a while. forward...

when my sister started attending high school, my parents were in the middle of a remodel of pretty much every bedroom in the house.  and the two main bathrooms.  they were trying to figure out how to split up living spaces for the two girls and the three boys in our family, seeing as we had a 4 bedroom house, and my parents were using one of them (duh).

and we volunteered to share a room again.  and our parents let us.  when we were teenagers.  and moody.  and stuff.

as you can guess, we enjoyed it, but it wasn't without conflict.  i think i recall calling a 'truce' in one of our arguments about who had to turn the light off when it was time to go to bed.  important stuff, like i said.

there was always the typical girl stuff.  like she would ALWAYS borrow my clothes.  but would she ever let me borrow hers?  NO.  i never heard a decent excuse from her, just a threat that if i did borrow without permission (which i literally never got), i was toast.

...which brings me to our college experience.

we went to the same school.  3,000 miles away from home.  not for the same reasons, but it was kind of nice having her around, someone who knew all the ropes, who had friends (well, some :D) that i could call my friends as well.  and we were on the same teams: swimming and water polo.

we had different majors, and mostly different professors (it was a relatively small college), but it was fun, and we still didn't hate each other at the end of it.  since college and more college, Cecelia has moved to the EAST COAST (grrr), and makes her residence near Washington D.C.  so i don't get to see her a whole ton.  but we *do* both have iPhones which allows for FaceTime.  (which is a solid reason to have one).  

so, as you can probably tell from the very abbreviated version of our life story as sisters (which would be so much more incriminating if i could find some kid pictures of us... muah hahaha!) we're pretty good friends.  and by pretty good, i mean amazing.  like we really really know each other.

which DOES bring me to a picture, because it shows how well Cecelia knows me.

Cecelia sent this to me last week, i was kinda having a rough day (i don't even think she knew the whole of it) and this appeared in my email inbox.

my favorite animal!!!!!!!!  my favorite animal in FREAKING BABY FORM.  i died.  and i sent something back to her like:


i love you!

and i knew that i had to save this picture forever.

i texted her immediately that she was the best, most awesome sister i have ever had (well, something like that).  and she made me smile without even knowing why i needed to.  she just got the job done.

also, i know for a fact that i do the same for her.  she tells me repeatedly that i am probably the best person at making her smile.  i am also pretty good at making her mad.  it can go both ways.  i'm pretty proud of my abilities :D

but as for making her smile, it's all in the text messages people!

i will have you know that Cecelia paid me one of the highest compliments she is capable of giving me when i am making her laugh.  (you see, she sometimes views displays of emotion that originate outside of herself as embarrassing.  like me being really funny.)

i have also discovered that taking pictures of myself being random also make Cecelia smile.  usually it's me smiling something HUGE and pointing to an inanimate object.  almost like photo-bombing, but i'm the only one in the picture.

i sent this to her last week too, and this next one wasn't so random, but it made her smile nonetheless.

she called me a dork for sending this picture too... like she said, "you're adorkable."  because i made the headband and the shirt (well, the USA part).  minor rabbit trail: see what this crafty girl has to go through?  btw, i got other compliments on the headband, disbelief when i said, "thanks, i made it!", so i feel validated despite my sister's obvious jealousy :D  no worries.

so yeah, that's about it.  but i'll close out with a little q&a with Cecelia in case you want to get to know her a little more.  my questions in bold, her answers not.

1.  what's your favorite iPhone game? 
Scramble. The word one. I honestly don't play games on my phone much. iPhone is for messaging and photos and bbbooooooookkkkksssss. I have 6 book apps on my phone right now. 
2.  if you could go back in time to the University of Florida (while you were studying for your Masters) and approach Tim Tebow that one time you saw him on campus and ask him for an autograph, would you? explain. 
No. Dude has the biggest neck I've ever seen on a human being. He was totally intimidating. 
hmm, his neck is quite large.
3.  how spiked do you like your gummy bears?  not at all/ some/ all the way? 
? Do not understand the question. I've given up hard liquor. If that was part of the question?**** 
photo credit:
4.  what is your sister's best quality? 
She is funny and positive and creative, three things that I am not. Well, I am a little, but only from imitating her and stealing ideas for many, many years.
awwww, thanks Cece! i love you too!  (note: i did not pay her to say that)
5.  on a scale of 1 to 10, how funny are you?  explain. 
In the scheme of all humans everywhere? A 5 or 6. In my family, a 2. I am better at laughing and appreciating others' humor.

so that's it folks!  a little bit of my life in somewhat humorous form.  and if you're visiting from my sisters blog, GREAT! thanks for coming by... she said she was going to make you cookies if you write me comments.

hahaha, just kidding.

seriously, she said that.

oh, i'll just leave now.

thanks for stopping by, xoxo

****I don't really understand my question either... it was late, i was being random. but your response CRACKED.ME.UP.


Cecelia said...

1) You are too sweet.

2) You give me too much credit.

3) I'm okay with numbers 1) & 2).

Juju at Tales of said...

That was awesome :)

You went to school with Tim! I'm SO jealous ;)

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

I follow Cecelia's blog and love her bookish thoughts. You're lucky to have her as a sister and your lovely thoughts reminded me to call my own sister and tell her how grateful I am for her.

Liviania said...

My sister and I are nineteen months apart, but no one ever confused us for identical. Mostly they confused us for being ten years apart. (My sister grew early and I was a miniscule child.)

Marlena M. said...

My sister and I are FIVE years apart (then there's the baby sis who is 6 years younger than her). I love the sister dynamic~it's a blessing for sure. I enjoyed your post (my first visit here)!!! I was looking for the 10 min dash post and already I'm hooked. Thanks for the fun~

Alyce said...

Lots of fun learning more about Cecelia from your POV! :)