Monday, August 13, 2012

monday manicure: gray & glitter-licious!

oh hai!

good weekend?  mediocre?  ah-maze-ing?  :D  hehe, just checking to see if you were awake.  if you realized that that's not really how you spell amazing, then you get 10 pts which count towards absolutely nothing important :D

okay, i'll talk about my nails now, cause we all know that's why you're here.  or because you secretly like to know what i've been up to.  which is fine too.  it really doesn't bother me. :D  *points to self* am in a good mood.

the manicure today was AWESOME to do... Essie was my best friend for this one, because i broke out the bottle called "armed and ready." what a great name for this great gray color.  it has some gold shimmer in it (super super super slight), but just enough to make it catch the light  depending on how you turn your hand.

two coats were perfect, maybe one really careful coat would have worked, but i like the feeling of two most of the time.

accent finger was courtesy of Nicole by OPI's glitter polish called "rainbow in the s-kylie" (i think this is a Kardashian Kolor?) and i lovvvvveee that glitter.

multi-color, different sizes.  it's like a party on your nails.


so what do you think?  would you ever rock a gray?  one glitter finger or more?  chime in everyone!

thanks for stopping by, xoxo

p.s. oh, and don't forget that there's another post coming up today...  it's gonna be fun!

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Cecelia said...

I want this manicure, like... RIGHTNOW.