Saturday, August 18, 2012

bright happy birthday

happy saturday!

i'm pretty excited about what's been going on in blog land over here.  the 10 Minute Craft Dash challenge i started with Paulina on wednesday?  yeah... it's going AWESOME!  i couldn't be more thrilled.  if you want to join in, GO for it--all the details and where to post are listed on Paulina's blog.  of course, i love hearing what you think as well!

last night i was chilling with my brother and dad and we played a few hands of spades (card game, very addicting).  then i went to my room to do some blogging, come to find my computer taking forever.r.r.r. to load.  so i texted a friend about water polo (my absolute FAVORITE sport in the WHOLE WORLD) and whether there was any happening sometime soon...

sure enough... the water polo was starting in about 10 minutes at a pool about 35-40 minutes away on a GOOD traffic day.  but, undaunted, i yelled to my brother to hurry up and get his swim gear together, and we braved the literally horrible HEINOUS Friday night traffic to arrive at the pool almost halfway through the time.

but we got in and had a TON of fun.  we were also quite a bit better than the others playing, so that's good for an ego boost when you haven't been in the pool for, let's see... 4+ months?  (stupid cellulitis)  yeah, i was bright red when we ended, and i was still sweating after i'd dried off after my shower, and after we got back in the car, and after we cranked up the AC, but we loved it.  anyways.

today, i have a bright and fun birthday card... perfect for that little princess in your life!

this was so fun to create... i pulled a 6x6 double sided paper from a random pack i purchased at Impress a while back... so please to have found this beauty.  the green gingham is on the other side of the fun frames... so i added a few patterns of washi tape, some yellow ric rac, and the 'happy birthday' stamp on a banner strip.

today i'm heading up almost to Canada for a company picnic (my youngest brother's construction company) with my family... free food, carnival rides, an excuse to be out in the sun?  sign me up!

i can't wait to hear about your weekend and what you think of the card.

thanks for stopping by, xoxo!


Berni Cuttino said...

Cute, cute. beautifully designed. Thanks so much for visiting and leaving the luv. Hugs

Emma said...

Oh this is too cute!!! That paper is adorable. Love how you layered up the washi tape. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. Have a great weekend :)

~amy~ said...

What cute paper on your card...and the ric rac? awesome!

I should have gotten way more crafting done this weekend but played too much:) oh well!

Hope your weekend was wonderful! Sooooo glad that weather cooled down:)