Monday, August 27, 2012

monday manicure: the blues :(

happy monday!

maybe i should clarify right off the bat... i'm not seriously depressed here (minorly, but i'm currently on pills for that, and let me just say, they're working and i'm so thankful), this manicure just happens to have tons of blue in it.  if you just want the nail part, skip a few paragraphs :D

i know not everyone likes the idea of pills, and i certainly don't love the idea either, but.  i have gone through a lot this year, and it's been really tough.  being sick for three months, like 'not-being-able-to-stay-at-my-own-place-sick.'  and getting laid off.  and moving out of my own place.  and not finding a job right away.  (still no job.)  it's not just little stuff, it's BIG stuff, and i wasn't dealing with it correctly... kinda just needed some help.  so i'm taking a pill for a while to help me manage (it's actually the lowest possible dosage... my doctor didn't think i needed too much).  and it's made a big difference.  like, the next day i could tell.  so i'm okay with that.  i know it's not forever.  but for now, it's right.

and actually, last week when i went to my doctor again for a check up, she was really happy with the results... i had been taking my pill for about two weeks, and i seemed to have something in my step, she noticed my eyes were brighter, and i was giggling.

you see, the last time i went to the doctor, about three weeks ago, i couldn't stop crying.  like, i was trying to talk, i started to tear up, and next thing i knew i was depleting the Kleenex box.  i just couldn't help it; i would "compose" myself and then start explaining what was going on, and then i'd start again.

so my doctor knew i needed something.  she took some blood to do some tests, and i got results back that i'm low in vitamin D.  no surprise, living in Washington, so i'm on a booster for that (which helps with mood too).  but last Thursday, i was giggling about something and my doctor stopped, she looked at me, and she said, "I don't think I've ever heard you giggle before."

and if you know me, or have been following along, you know that i'm this bright, happy, confident, LAUGHING person.  but i hadn't been, and my doctor hadn't seen it for a long time... so for right now, these pills are helping, and i'm fine with it.  i'm glad i'm being more like me.  because sometimes i just get tired of crying, you know?

*SIGH* thanks for bearing with me.  or maybe you just skipped down to here... which is fine.  on to my nails!

the real reason it's titled "the blues" is because i'm using three different blue polishes.  i might be obsessed.  in fact, i'm sure i am :D

so i used some Nina Ultra Pro for the deep navy on the sides, Revlon longwear blue for the large center stripes, and then there's this shimmery blue small stripe i got from a friend.  the thumb nail has the Essie glitter from luxeffects that i can't seem to stop using.  you can see it in my other monday manicure posts too :D

that's all for me today... thanks for stopping by, xoxo!

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Cecelia said...

I like that Revlon color. I shall steal it the next time I'm home. *grin*