Wednesday, August 8, 2012

washi crazy

hi there!

i'm kind of wondering if any of you out there were like: "NOOOOO!!!!!! not WASHI tape AGAIN!"  *facepalm*

but, i'm thinking not. at least i hope not.

and i didn't go too crazy with the washi tape.  just a few different patterns to point out.

anyway, this was a card created as a thank you for a friend who helped me move back at the end of June (don't worry, i already sent it off!)  he was a guy.  hence the male pronoun.

the point being, i didn't want it too girly.

eh, eh?

how do you think i did?  no bows, buttons, bling!  *gasp*  what is the world coming to?

but i did personalize it with the R flashcard from Tim Holtz.  that paper comes from TPC Studio's 'let's eat sprinkles' collection... super fun and easy to coordinate with anything.  even guy stuff!  the ruler washi tape made a reappearance, so did the orange stripe, and even the Tim Holtz 'tissue tape' with the definitions on it.

and there you have it... easy peasy, lemon squeezee :D

thanks for stopping by, be sure to leave a comment, xoxo


Cecelia said...

I'm thinking polka dots are on par with buttons and ruffles. I'm not saying/just saying. But it is a very nice card, no matter which way you slice it. I'm sure HE appreciated it.

~amy~ said...

love your non-girlish card:)