Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i just love you

i've really been having a lovely week so far... yesterday i was commitment free as far as coaching goes... i went to see the water polo girls for about an hour and then went shopping. i needed groceries so badly. you know how it is when you're sick? you don't want to cook, bake, or do anything that isn't sleeping? yeah, that was me last week, and i still had school and coaching on top of all that (and it was STATE! for that matter).

so i got groceries. i was planning a dinner with some former college water polo players... one was up visiting from CA, and the other now lives not 30 minutes away from me (fancy that, seeing as we went to college together in Pennsylvania!) i decided i was going to make some pizza. i LOVE pizza. i made a veggie pizza (spinach, onion, garlic, tomato, cheese, and red peppers... it was DELICIOUS!) and two chicken bbq bacon pizzas... ah! so good :D i can still smell them. i definitely didn't need to make all that food, because i had leftovers, but i get to save them for meals the rest of this week! :D that's what i call planning *wink*

anyway, the dinner last night was awesome and fun... we talked and laughed so much. told stories, caught up, and just enjoyed each others company. it wasn't nearly long enough, but it was so relaxing, and just what i needed. today, i stopped by the grocery store again after a pretty quiet day at school (1/2 days for conferences this week, and no school on friday because of memorial day! yay :D), and then came home... made a CARD!

i based it off of Kazan's sketch #53 over at 2sketches4you... i decided to make this a quick card, since i was starting at 4:10pm, and i needed to leave the house about 4:30pm... i told myself... i'm only going to use what's on/ near my desk. so i grabbed the Linen stack from DCWV, some of my extra Cricut cuts, a strip or two of ribbon/ lace, and then an ink pad.

the results surprised me a little. i usually don't pressure myself to finish something this pretty so 'fast,' so i'm definitely pleased...

i tried to include as many details as i could... layering flowers and buttons, rhinestones in the corner, some stick pins, a tag with the sentiment, a wooden mini clothespin, and even a transparency i made with Staz-On ink and some overhead projector 'paper' (if you could call it that... maybe acrylic? but not quite...) the sentiment comes from PTI's Delightful Dahlia set... it was super elegant and seemed perfect for this type of card.

i love this old antique look, and even if that's not what i normally create, i can definitely see myself getting into it BIG :D i just like the soft touches and the details you get to layer on and add... so fun.

anyway, i hope you enjoyed--can't wait to hear what you have to say, your comments are so appreciated! :D


Amy said...

Wow Ginny!! You created this card in only 20 minutes?? It is fabulous!! This card shows that you can do some pretty amazing things when you are under a time constraint. I absolutely love all the texture and detail and the colors are divine.

Amy ♥

LeAna said...

FIRST of all...that card would take me an hour to make. Annnnd also, it's gorgeous. I love lace/vintage/antique-y stuff.

And secondly, I feel famous for being in your blog. So much fun. Let's hang out again (outside of water polo) sometime soon...for real. :)

Really Old Guy said...

OK, so when can I expect to get this card in the mail?

Kazan Clark said...

no way - THIS card in 20min! You are amazing. I love it and it certainly looks like it took a lot longer.
Thanks for joining us at 2S4Y this week
:) Kazan
Water Polo Players from college and homemade Pizza...perfect recipe for a great evening.