Wednesday, April 1, 2009

SPRING BREAK! (you're so sweet.)

so i don't know how i've gotten behind on posting cards... i guess i've just been busy MAKING them instead (a good thing, yes). so here's a card that i should've posted LONG ago, but didn't get around to taking a picture until today. (too bad it's overcast and snowy/ rainy here in APRIL!)

i pieced the cupcake together (it's a Starving Artist's stamp... totally love it!) after i used a couple of papers from the DCWV Spring Glitter Stack for the different parts. i used the shiny lacquer on the cheery, and i added dimensionals behind the icing part to make it "pop!"

the ribbon is from Costco (who would've thunk?) and i got it for wrapping Christmas gifts knowing that i could just ask my siblings and parents for the ribbon back so i could "re-use" it. seriously, Costco has GREAT ribbon... and this roll was double sided (pink/ black), wire edged, and FIFTY YARDS LONG! (how am i ever going to use it all? ...well, make 12 matching cupcake cards (: haha)

it was really funny, i showed my dad this card, and he said, "i like how the icing comes out." haha, thanks dad!

i'll be posting other cards soon--i just spent Monday of spring break stamping with my co-worker and friend, Helene at Impress Stamps in Tukwila... boy, was that fun!


..::Paulina::.. said...

This picture is SO great! ♥ the card stand! Oh, and I like how the icing "pops out" too!

celi.a said...

the card stand is indeed genius. i think that cupcake card would look cute without the ribbon, too.

(all variation is good variation?)