Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2sketches4you, Kazan's #24

wow, i can't believe how many sketches Kazan and Laura have created over @ 2sketches4you! 24 seems like a long time... and i'm almost even more amazed that i've gotten to participate in so many of them :)
i really like the colors of the paper and this was the first time i'd successfully used the gathered ribbon technique... i think it turned out well, don't you? so excited to see what you think. it was a fabulous sketch, was it not?

today was not my favorite day ever... i reeeaaalllly wanted to sleep in instead of going to school, especially because i had to proctor the WASL (Washington Assessment of Student Learning) today for round 1 of a six round routine for the next week or so.
anyway, i got up and got to school, and ended up giving a lecture to my 1st period about having "filters" for their thoughts and their comments--some kids just don't get it. i told them, "don't let other people know EVERYTHING you're thinking... you WANT to sound mature, don't you?!"
anyway, it was fine, not the best, but at least it turned sunny later today. and last night i did have some fun with Joey and my parents... we watched the movie "Get Smart" which i'd seen in theaters when it came out, but it was SOOO much funnier with my whacky family enjoying every stupid corny line and slapstick routines... i love listening to my dad laugh... literally makes me want to smile.
oh, and in other fun news, my sister, Cecelia has started a blog! she's not exactly crafty, unless you count the fact that she's FABULOUS with words. currently she's working on her Masters and Ph.D. in History (specifically of Latin America), and i've had the privilege of tagging along with her on many trips to Latin countries (think Spain, Brazil!) basically, she's hilarious, and normal. you can check out her musings on her blog HERE.
anyway, i'm off to coach a couple of water polo games... praying we WIN tonight! thanks for looking and for all your sweet comments!


..::Paulina::.. said...

I LOVE the way you gathered the ribbon! I was thinking about trying this technique out sometime....I'll have to see how you did it! Great job with this sketch!

Kazan Clark said...

Very nice Ginny - your work is just fabulous - week after week you give us such gorgeous cards to oogle over. Thanks for playing

celi.a said...

i know i've gushed over your cards before, but i think this might be my new favorite. the darker pink buttons really add a nice contrast to the ribbon (this would be new Costco ribbon, yes?).

+10. i heart you. (btw, you're the 'normal' one in our family...)

clouds shadler said...

ooh, so cute, love the scrunched ribbon!

Clouds :o)

Heidi Van Laar said...

Ooh I love this card! Great colors and your ribbon turned out fabulous!

(-: Heidi

Lea L. said...

This is awesome! Totally love what you did with the ribbon and the buttons you used to accent with! Great job with Kazan's sketch!


cheryln said...

fabulous! LOVE that pleated ribbon!!!

Linda Beeson said...

Oh that ruffle was gorgeous! Great idea.