Thursday, April 2, 2009

2sketches4you, Kazan's #23, "you light up my life..." + BIRTHDAY!

woohoo! i got to play with Kazan's sketch over at 2sketches4you. i LOVE looking at the incredible talent, getting ideas for my own cards, and of course, playing along! this time i decided to use some of my favorite colors (to wear and use) RED + BLACK. i love this card that resulted from Kazan's sketch. sooo elegant, don't you think? i love the gems, the ribbon (i tied it so well, if i say so myself!), and the flowers too :) ah, i just <3>

but don't stop looking, there's more...

i LOVED this stamp, and actually i love all stamps with chandeliers :) i bought this one at Impress Rubber Stamps on Monday when i went to stamp with my co-worker and friend, Helene, from school. we teach a blended 8th grade special education class together during 3rd period and i'm SUPER blessed to get along with her so well. she always makes me laugh, and she's laid back so we don't get too fussy about anything. just what i need :) i got some stickles (pink that you see here, orange, and pearl) and the sentiment "you light up my life" (so sweet, right?) there as well, and i have to say, i really like this card. i used some oversize rick-rack for the ribbon, and left the edges frayed... i think it's cool :) i know that not everything's perfect, but that's what makes it special.

okay, so here's another card (i made this one AGES ago, like my previous post). i used the same sentiment as the previous card too, but it's so versatile i figured re-use wasn't hurting anyone. this is, yet again, a card made with Costco ribbon. it's flocked damask (or is it velvet? either way...) and i used it to wrap presents this year... they turned out so well! i really like this card, and it's actually one i started at Paulina's house during our last stamp session :) some of the poppies on this card are shiny (lacquered is the word?) and unfortunately the paper is DOUBLE sided (agh, how am i to choose which side to use? it's my ever-present dilemma).

and, you may have noticed that i have a card stand. i got that on Monday too, and it's SO AWESOME. i saw it and was like, "okay, gotta have it. don't care if it costs $20, i'm getting it." fortunately it was only $2, and it's getting a lot of use. tons easier to take photos with this handy-dandy stand. how do YOU take pictures of your cards? do you use a stand?

again, this is a card i used the damask stamp on, plus DeNami Designs "Greetings" stamp. i love the fact that it goes with just about any combo. (have you noticed that i "love" a lot of things lately? it might be the fact that i'm still on SPRING BREAK and it's having a positive impact on me. sure hope so :)

oh, and you've probably noticed that my blog post title mentioned "birthday"... and i'm so excited to tell you why. this year i asked for a Cricut Expression (from multiple givers, mind you), and yesterday & today my mom and i went shopping, found the best price, and bought one! :) *BIG SMILE* now i just have to wait a month until May 1st when i can actually open it up and use it! :) we also went cartridge shopping (just looking, though) and i found a couple of cartridges i'll probably want, but i was wondering... what's your ABSOLUTE FAVORITE cartridge and why?
i'm interested to know what you say, because i really want to get the most use out of whatever i buy... you know, not just using part of it. oh, part of the shopping process was to go to Costco (that's where we bought it... $279.99--best price around) and i got some more ribbon :) haha, i know you're saying... she doesn't need any, but it was too cute. red with white polka dots (grosgrain), zebra stripe (satin), and light blue with white stitching on the edge (grosgrain). 50 yds each spool, $6.99 a spool... can we say YUM!?

do you buy ribbon in bulk, or do you just get the little packs? what's your favorite ribbon?

ahh, i know this has been a long post, but you can probably tell i'm excited. seriously can't wait until my birthday. usually i feel like people forget it because it's the first of the month, and people aren't thinking ahead (i am NOT complaining, just my observations), but this year i'm so stoked :)

thanks so much for looking, and have a great day... i love reading your comments, and i'd LOVE to hear your answers to my plethora of questions! XOXO, take care!


..::Paulina::.. said...

OMG, that blue and white ribbon is SO nice! Does Costco carry ribbon that's a little thinner? I haven't been there in forever....

You have been one busy girl- I can't believe how many cards you made this week! I'm glad that you are getting the ball rolling with are gonna have so much to sell come summer.

I'm so excited for you about the Expression! I know you'll get a ton of use out of it once you're able to open it. ;)

Kazan Clark said...

Wow wow wow! this card brightened my morning for sure! It is gorgeous Ginny and I love your other work too (huge fan of DeNami Design stamps myself) AND I have an Expression too - looove it. I don't own this one yet but I hear the Wild Card Cart is so versatile and certainly a must have..hint hint to my Cricut Fairy that I want one :

cheryln said...

gorgeous cards!! love the ribbon and am jealous of your b-day present! have fun with it!!

celi.a said...

so that card you made for the contest was ridiculous/awesome.

but i really, really love the one with the three buttons on the right side and the little bow. sometimes simplicity is just...right. and that was pretty perfect.

tina said...

wow! you've been a busy girl!!! LOVE that zebra ribbon! I can see why you couldn't resist :) Congrats on making the fab 5 at

~amy~ said...

woot woot for making the fab 5!! congrats from another washingtonian!!! I love your style!!!

Amy said...

Beautiful cards!! You are going to love your Cricut Expressions. Congrats on making the fab 5!!

roree said...

Gorgeous cards! Love your 2S4Y card. The orange just pops against the black and white. Congrats on making the Fab 5!

Carina W said...

Love ALL your cards.The coulors is perfekt.

Have a nice day!