Sunday, April 12, 2009

mini 3x3's and shooting!

so here's some random cards that i made during spring break a couple weeks ago. i was organizing my desk area (it's not big at ALL) and i pulled out my "scrap" drawer. i was a little disgusted with how many scraps i had and how many cards i could actually make with the remains from other things i'd created. soo, i decided to pull out the strips that were about the right size for 3x3's, and i pulled any papers (cardstock or patterned) that were in strips of 2" or smaller. i made about 33 of these suckers--not all the same color scheme, but all striped, and all diagonal with rounded bottom corners. just thought i'd share these tidbits...

anyway, i also made a set of 5 cards like this one--it's using the same damask stamp i had used in THIS POST before, and i just rotated the sentiment. it's not my favorite, but i still think it's cute.

gotta love the brown and blue though... really calming and classic too.
AND, in totally UNrelated news, my family and i had a COMPLETELY non-traditional Easter celebration minus church and candy. usually my family of 7 (of which i am 2nd oldest) does something similar to the following list on Easter:
*go to church
*open Easter baskets
*eat ham dinner, then candy
*do an Easter egg hunt
*watch a movie, or hang out
WELL... this year was quite different. my dad and brother joined a shooting range on Saturday, and Joey sent me a text message saying "guess what we're doing tomorrow?" with a picture of the badge he got at the orientation. i was a little skeptical because he's a jokester sometimes. anyway, come to find out when i get home, that we, as a family, really ARE going shooting on Easter. when it will probably be raining, and when NO ONE will probably be at the range.
so that's what we did. after church, ham lunch, and a double, wait, TRIPLE check that we had everything packed, we (mom, dad, Joey and me) headed out to the range about 45 minutes away. and we had a LOT of fun. i had already tried my mom's gun out (a .357 revolver), but hadn't tried Joey's .22 bolt-action rifle, or my dad's .22 semi-automatic pistol. but i did on Sunday :)

hence, you see the holes (and probably run away scared... or not so much, i'm not as good of a shot as my dad or Joey) and understand why my birthday wish list (yay May 1st!!!) includes a gun. i really will probably get myself one sometime this summer because i'm going to be taking a gun safety class from my pastor in July, and i want to try out as many guns as possible before buying one.
anyway, hope you have a great day, and had a great Easter! God bless :)

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celi.a said...

is this post new or did i just miss it the first time around?

at any rate, i like the scrappy cards, but am not completely in love with the damask stamp one.

and i still can't believe you want a gun. weird.