Saturday, April 4, 2009

"i love you" damask + thanks to 2s4y!

oh my word! was i in for a treat today!! i got up this morning to ANOTHER fabulous spring (well, more like SUMMER) day in Washington where it's currently 65+ degrees out :) then i went to church and had some awesome fellowship and learning time. then when i was there i got a text message from one of my friends, Paulina, telling me to check my email when i got home.
so i get home, and *OH MY WORD* i made the Fab 5 over at 2sketches4you! i just about squealed when i saw... so happy right now :) i LOVE playing with their sketches and getting fresh ideas, and i also love how there's such a community of encouragement. don't Laura's and Kazan's comments just warm your heart? that's half the reason i post cards... just so i can see what they like about them :) don't you love it too? so thank you Laura and Kazan... you really do brighten my day.
also, thanks to all of you that post comments on my blog--i am constantly encouraged by your kind words :) and a special shout-out to my sister, Cecelia, who ESPECIALLY got onto blogspot JUST so she could stalk me... *AHEM* comment/ converse with me regarding my cards. you = AWESOME!
but anyway, in another nod to my sister, i am posting this simple card... it's using the same damask stamp from the 2sketches4you post but this time in a subtler way. i love that you can barely tell that there's a stamp on the card, but it's still so classy. i used cardstock (white, pink, kraft) and patterned paper (pastel stripes, pink mini polka dots) plus punches (circle, scallops, corner rounder), and ribbon (SEI Winnie's Wonders). i LOVE the end result, don't you? and as Cecelia would say, "Sometimes simple is better."
thanks again, hope you have a great day!


celi.a said...

yesssssss! i got a mention in your blog! i like that card, too. and congrats on being a Fab 5 card-maker. in my book, you're #1.

~amy~ said...

gorgeous card and woot woot for you and the fab 5!!

Anonymous said...

just my story, only with different details))
Congratualtions! And thanks for visiting;)

Heidi Van Laar said...

Congrats on making the fab five!!

I absolutely love this simple and beautiful card! It's just perfect!