Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i <3 velvet

i love my new velvet ribbon! it's so soft, and you really only need a knot and some hot glue to make any card special.

here's what i did with some colors i rarely put together/ use--goldenrod and red. i just don't pair them up if i have a choice--usually i'm a brighter color kinda girl... but i think these cards turned out pretty great, especially thanks to the velvet :)

i recently gave away some red velvet pants during a room cleaning purge. they were cool, but i'd only worn them a couple of times. i didn't feel too bad giving them up for adoption because they were a "sale buy" for me (aka real cheap). oh, and what prompted this purge? a prank some friends and i played on a mutual friend for her bday. we went to her house w/ her parents permission and saran wrapped her bunk beds, chair, drawers, and containers, streamered EVERYTHING, and put candy and pipe cleaners all over the place. we put up a cat poster (she hates them) and wrote in lipstick on her mirror. we also pipe cleanered all of her shoes together in a long strand. oh! we also cleaned in the process--it just felt like a logical step to take... hehe, we had fun. so all of us pranksters decided during the cleaning process that NONE of us were allowed to do this to each other... but i've received threats of "pay back" so i decided i had better do some cleaning before i became royally embarrassed in case i had some "visitors" on my bday coming up this week...

anyway, thanks for looking, and have a great week!

COUNTDOWN UNTIL BIRTHDAY (and therefore, a Cricut Expression!) = 3 days!

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celi.a said...

i wouldn't usually pair those colors together either, but you did it in a really classic and interesting way. i really like the second card, especially. i can see how the velvet is going to add a lot of texture to any card...one of those things where a little goes a long way.

en fin, super cute cards! +10. happy early birthday.