Thursday, April 9, 2009

simple stamping...

i just got back from a polo game tonight (actually two) where we won the JV game, and lost the Varsity game. so hard to see my team lose... especially when it's a team i KNOW we can beat, and i've done all i can as a coach to help them (minus getting in and playing for them). oh well. here's a card that i stamped shortly after i got the damask stamp last week--it was just calling to me, and i love the orangey-yellow colors here... and it's so SIMPLE!

it's funny because my mom said, "you don't even need a sentiment, it looks find plain!" i wasn't too sure whether or not to trust her, and all the cards i DID stamp have a sentiment on them... so what do i do? new sentiment? no sentiment? keep it? i'm so glad i have you as a bouncing board for opinions :)

and then this is a different card for me in terms of COLORS. i actually am not attracted to any of these colors... i wouldn't be surprised if these were the last colors in my stash (of cardstock, and or patterned paper) but i wanted to challenge myself to use something new, and also just to "get rid" of some of my stash that i haven't used. sooo, i coordinated (as best i could with colors i don't exactly love) and came up with this... and i actually like the design and my execution (see the bow?) but like i said--the colors are iffy. anyway, this would be a good general purpose card--no sentiment--and it's also kinda "guy-ish." maybe that's what i was thinking when i made it ;) the only thing i stamped was the damask in black again.

i used the same design in colors i LIKE, so i'll be sharing those cards with you shortly.
thanks so much for stopping by, hope you enjoy, and HAPPY EASTER! (i haven't even colored eggs... gotta get on that!)

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celi.a said...

i agree with mom. that orange card didn't need a sentiment.

you could do something big/cool on the inside, though, and that would make the card 'themed.' (if that was the idea?)

i heart this trend in simplicity. but don't get rid of your elaborate style, either. a good mix is what matters.