Friday, July 16, 2010

vintage one layer 'thank you'

so just a quick post today.

i'm so glad it's Friday, but i'm also really tired... it's been a long week for me telling stories at VBA and acting in the skits as well. it really wears me out, so it's a good thing i've been able to take naps every day.

here i wanted to show you some vintage one layer cards i made a while back. these are from the Impress Stamp Night.

i think that what makes these pretty (for me, at least) is the layering of the pinks, and then the cool script in the 'thank you' sentiment.

well, like i said, it's going to be a short one... i'm going to see Despicable Me tonight with some friends, so it's a great start to my weekend... hoping you have a great one too!

thanks for you comments and for stopping by :D


Shirl said...

Hi Ginny, this one layer vintage cards looks really good! Looks almost effortless to make yet so beautiful!

Have a great weekend!

celi.a said...

Aw...pretty! I love that you're mixing things up and not afraid to make them pretty in one layer. These are beautiful!

~amy~ said...

Yipes....sooooo pretty!!! doing some bloggie catch up...