Monday, July 19, 2010

i love minions

hi all! have you recovered from your weekend yet? how was yours? mine was great, it started off with a movie on friday night. i went to see...
and it was HILARIOUS. rated PG (for those of you wondering if its okay to take the kids... i totally recommend it) and so funny/ sweet/ cute/ laugh out loud/ great! it was awesome. i went with a group of friends and you could hear us chuckling & chortling throughout the whole thing. i think that the 'minions' are my new favorite animated character :D they were just so yellow and cute, and CUTE! hehe.

i also went to a bridal shower for a long-time family friend, and also got to see my aunt from NY before she went kayaking with my mom (they're doing a pretty adventurous trip in the Pacific Ocean along Vancouver Island... and they're both 62 years old!), and also had some time to watch some DVDs here at home. this weekend i saw 'Man on Fire' with Denzel Washington, and then 'V for Vendetta' with Hugo Weaving & Natalie Portman. last night i watched 'Take the Lead' with Antonio Banderas, and 'Ever After' with Drew Barrymore. basically it was a great weekend. oh! and i went to the Container Store with a good friend and just had a good time looking around.

okay, on to the cards... these are cards i haven't shown you yet from the Impress Stamp Night... yes, i know, there were a lot of them (32!) and you may be sick of them (please say you aren't :D) but these are the last from that batch.

this first one was really simple. not sure i like how simple it is, but oh well. the banner stamp is actually just one really long banner that i stamped in 4 different colors of blue ink. makes for an interesting effect, eh?

the sentiment was supposed to be a little less crooked, but i tried out a new technique that i may have to use more frequently--scoring lines along the bottom. i thought it was a nice little touch to add (along with those pretty little gems).

and here i have some masculine?/ simple? happy birthday cards. i can't decide whether these would be appropriate for guys (i know they're green, but they're flowers) or not.

what do you think? again, it's the same stamp just in different colors. i love the 'happy birthday to you' stamp, and this is also the first time i'd tried the black frame around the edge.

well, that's it for now... i hope you enjoyed these! can't wait to see what this week brings from all of you! :D thanks for the comments and stopping by.

take care! xoxox


celi.a said...

Minimalist. I like just doesn't seem typical 'you.' I'm glad you're branching out, though - wouldn't want you to get stagnant!

p.s. wasn't Despicable Me the cutest? reminded me of The Rescuers a little bit. wish i'd seen it with you...

~amy~ said...

I can't get over how many card you made in one evening..that's soo these cas ones a ton.....omgoodness, I totally enjoyed that scrap'll have to check it out next year...

Heidi Van Laar said...

Despicable Me looks so fun, I can't wait to see it!

LOVE your CAS cards! I always admire people who can pull off a single layer card!

(-: Heidi