Thursday, July 1, 2010

july ramblings

how are you all? i've been seeing some of your lovely creations and reading about your *busy* lives and i just love it. i really enjoy peeking into the window of your life, and i'm glad that you care enough to look over here :D

tonight i'm going to bring you some ramblings. no cards or layouts right now, although i'm working on that. just some fun tidbits about me :D

so here are some random pieces of whatever about me/ my life/ my loves...

  • i hate being in the only bathroom stall in the whole building that doesn't have any toilet paper, and just so happens to not have anyone in the bathroom to GIVE you any... ahh! so annoying!

  • i am quite addicted to books... i really like reading them but sometimes can't allow myself to get sucked in. you know what i mean? like, i know if i start a book, and i get into it (which i always do), i'll want to keep reading and i'll be up forever? yeah. last time i did started reading a new book at night i went to bed at 5am. no joke.
  • my necklace collection rivals my tank top collection. which is saying a LOT. i mean, hello? i need them in all different COLORS... gosh! ;)
  • i am currently addicted to watching "america's got talent." i LOVE seeing the horrible auditions, the great auditions, and mostly, howie mandel's reactions :D

  • i cleaned up last night. there was a mostly full sink of dishes waiting for over 1 week and i finally did them and put some in the dishwasher. do you ever wait a really long time? or am i the only one who can get away with that because i'm single?
  • annoying people and making them laugh is one of my goals in life. i love to do it simultaneously if possible. today, i showed a motion-sensored, light-up GRUB to my vice principal at school. kinda like those dancing/ singing fish? the ones where if you walk by they start moving and making noise. yeah? it was AWESOME. i was getting 'prepared' for next year... HA! (p.s. i love being a teacher on break :D)
  • while drinking water tonight i burned my tongue. i have a sinus infection (from AGES ago... it's been lingering, i've been in denial, i've been hacking up a lung recently but am now on the getting better/ on antibiotics side of things) and i wanted to drink some warm water, so i put a cup in the microwave, and ended up setting the time for too long. burned. OUCH!
  • i LOVE to scream on roller coasters and amusement park/ fair rides. i chaperoned a field trip to an amusement park recently before the end of school, and i think i enjoyed myself more than my kids.
  • here's a random facebook post i made the other day:

Virginia Larsen hasn't been to a dance recital in who knows how long... go jewett girls! :D

  • i learned (and taught) a two-part harmony during a long car drive/ ride the other day. even though i was sick and didn't have a voice, i thoroughly enjoyed it. and i discovered that i'm not actually all that bad once you teach me the part. i used to think that since i was a band geek in HS and college (all four years in both HS and college... i was in the marching band... tenor sax... i went to band camp) i couldn't really sing/ harmonize. but omygosh! i like it! :D
  • i love my brothers. they're awesome. all of them. and my SISTER??? don't even get me started on how cool SHE is :D hehe!
  • my family dog 'cookie' back at home HATES 4th of july fireworks, and sometimes, i have to agree with her. don't get me wrong, i love seeing the shows, and the awesome displays, and an occasional sparkler... BUT >> what i really don't like is trying to sleep at night on the 4th... it's WAY.TOO.LOUD. anyone with me here?
  • current music obsession is Ke$ha... i could literally dance all night *BIG SMILE*

  • current flavor obsession is... give me some cream cheese + jam on some toast or a bagel. plain and simple. that, or americanized asian food :)
  • current movie obsession is anything funny. like i just watched tom sellack in 'quigley down under,' and although it's an action movie, there are touches of humor that i LOVE.
  • current smell obsession is just.washed.laundry. i love my detergent.
  • lastly, i love reading blogs. i love reading blogs that people update frequently, and put an effort into (unlike me most of the time... boo! i know, i should, and i try, but recently it's seemed as if everything needs my attention more, and that really makes me sad.) so a few of the blogs i LOVE to read are as follows, and are TOTALLY worth checking out. do yourself a favor, and hop on over...

so that's it for me tonight! i hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend (if you're in the USA!) and that you stay safe :D go eat lots of yummy potluck/ picnic food!


celi.a said...

Sweet post! (though the pictures aren't working for me...) Thanks for the shout-out.

~amy~ said...

Hey you!!!!! Love reading your ramblings...thanks for the shout out:) Are you planning on going to the Scrapbook Expo?