Wednesday, July 28, 2010

random teasing...

another quick post today... i have a friend who's moving to a new house soon, and i had the pleasure of taking a mini-vacation with her whole family. my favorite toddler just happens to be her oldest boy of 22 months... so adorable. i taught him how to say 'nom nom nom' whenever he eats something :D

and here's a teaser for you >> these are some of the cards i just finished before i left for the church outreach i'm on. i'm working on some more, and i'll be sure to post some good pictures later.

thanks for checking back again :D

oh, and i just thought i'd share something fun today... it's an email i got from my sister Cecelia, who is hilarious. she tends to be a people watcher, which has led to some great observations/ letters that she's written in her head. i've gotten quite a few of these letter/ emails from her, but i'll just share one:

Dear Man with Mark Twain Hair and Jesus Sandals,

I have to say, you blew my socks off. Normally when I walk into my favorite coffee shop I get a fashion lesson from all the hipsters, but today was special. Today, you were standing in front of me in line. You with your Mark Twain hairstyle, open white collared shirt, bell-bottom khakis and black Jesus sandals. Yes, it might be sacrilege to call them that, but it's all I can think about when I see people with a few flimsy straps of leather covering their feet. And especially if they have tan feet. Like you. I just don't even know where to start. I don't know if I should admire your style or continue shaking my head. No, scratch that, I do know: I will keep shaking my head.

Only other thing to say? I hope you become a regular. I need this much weirdness in my life. And also? I can't wait to see what kind of sunglasses you wear. I'm hoping for cat's eye.

With lots of love and confusion,

- Me

okay, so that's it from me! ta ta! :D