Thursday, July 8, 2010

OH! how i love steampunk!! (2S4Y style)

hey everyone! happy thursday :D (note: i seem to be a little 'talky' today, so if you want to skip that, go to the end.)

i had the pleasure of using Kazan's sketch #56 for this card, and oh boy! was it ever PERFECT for EVERYTHING... the details just shine through with this awesome layout :D

and believe it or not, although i've been behind on the challenge side of things... haven't been creating much for sketches/ color combos/ etc, i actually made this card for the 365 Cards Day #129 - Aged Look. it's simply a match made in heaven :D

on to my card. i actually made this to giveaway in a contest... i was given some idea about what the contest was, but i was given artistic freedom in the execution. i think i've mentioned before that i LOVE it when that happens... i love that freedom to create what i think will fit :D

so, the contest is called SteamBoyz, and it's hosted by Velvet over at vvb32 reads--she's got a great book blog going on over there, and i know she's fabulous herself! now, you may be wondering how i got connected with a book blogger to create a card for a contest. the answer is simple. i'm a nerd. YES. a NERD.

you see, i have a sister, Cecelia, who is awesome, funny, but equally (if not more! [agreed Cece?]) nerdy as me. she loves to read. which isn't to say i DON'T, because i'm actually an English teacher, but she LOVES to read. like--she went to the American Library Association Conference a few weeks ago, even though she's not a librarian. well, you say, that's not all bad... and NO! it's not. but that's how nerdy WE are. :D

so--last year she began a blog shortly after i did, and started featuring recipes, anecdotes from her life, and of course, she shared her love of books, or shall i say OBSESSION with them? she introduced me to some books, and i read them, and they were awesome! really, they were, and i can recommend some to you based on your movie preferences... really. it's what i do for my students at school. anyway, she fell pretty hard into the book blogger stratosphere, and i have to say, if i'm being honest, that i'm a little jealous at her instant popularity. i mean, there has to be a little rivalry for us to be normal siblings, eh?

at any rate, she's wildly famous and funny, while i just make cards and occasionally tag along to book events like author signings. the one author signing i went to was for a book called Leviathan, by Scott Westerfeld. and it was a steampunk book. and i got to see what all the fuss was about.

i had a TON of fun. AND, i got a signed copy of the book to go in the bookshelves at school too! win WIN!

and after reading some books from the steampunk genre (Soulless by Gail Carriger as well, and probably more), i knew what my sister kept raving about. yes, she may have looked foolish to her roommates or our mother, but i at least, finally, understood.

and here i am, to present you with a card made specifically with steampunk in mind, and my sister, and Velvet, who asked me to do it :D thanks a ton girlies!

i used a lot of vintage stuff... tried to make it fit with the genre. so, there's some Graphic 45 papers on there (from the Le'romantique line) and a page torn out of an old book covering a chipboard piece. i then stamped the chipboard with a wrought iron fence stamp that i bought at a stamp convention who knows where :D and let's not forget how i shabbied everything up with either distressing with scissors, inking with Tim Holtz antique linen pad, or even using some black ink from a SU! cube. and can you see those Kaiser black pearls in the top left corner? so many details.

i also grabbed a bookplate and some brads from my stash and roughed them up with my file, and then inked them with some black Staz-on ink to give it a more 'aged' look. the crown brad comes from Queen & Co, and the buttons are vintage from my stash as well. i even layered a Hambly frame transparency to the hat/ cane panel to give some more depth.

i've seen some crafters use the 'pull back' approach with double sided paper, but i've never really given it much thought until this creation... i think it's a fabulous way to showcase both sides of the paper, and to show a little of the fanciness underneath, don't you?

now, check out the inside. because i used a clear card stock to create the card base, you can add some awesome details all over and have them show through to the front or back. in my case, i covered the OTHER side of the chipboard piece with a steampunk clock image that i got HERE before i adhered it to the front of the card. that way, when you open it up, you get more for your money :D

also, you can see from above and below, that i used some October Afternoon papers from the Thrift Store line... i know just about everyone and their mother is in love with this stuff, and i'm no exception. i mean, seriously--with so much in the steampunk genre originating from London, what other choice could i have than to use it on the inside of my card? it's PERFECT!

and also, after you're done checking out my card... if you've missed the tons of tags i've been creating, then you'd better take a look HERE, and HERE, and at yesterday's HERE. plus, i finished the rest of the tags and have a few pictures to show you...

these yellow ones were INTENSE. PTI's polka dot basics II again, some October Afternoon stamping, a flourish is there as well, along with Sassafras papers, Recollections rosebuds on top of Prima flowers inked to the perfect color. there's some 'orange peel' stickles there, a vintage orange button on all of them, and some citrine glitter from DeNami Designs. oh, and green ribbon from M's.

now these red-orange tags feature some Cosmo Cricket Early Bird papers, more Recollections rosebuds, clothespins, random buttons from my stash, 'so happy!' ribbon from SEI, and then some chipboard from DCWV that i glittered and shabbied up. oh, and some MM blooms as well.

now, for the ULTRA FUNKY orange tags. these are crazy. but, they're good crazy! more Sassy goodies, stickles, buttons, KI memories ribbon, and even those green foil stars you usually put on chore charts... hehe!

and here's one from each of the colors all grouped together. i realized that i used my Cricut to cut out 11 different colors, and they're all completely different. i LOVE that. what do you think? don't they look awesome together? :D

so all in all, i've been quite busy this week, and plan to be even more so next week. i'll be the storyteller for my church's VBA (Vacation Bible Adventure... just like VBS), and i'm head of the skit crew (and in it as well). so mornings/ afternoons will switch schedules for me a bit.

thanks so much for visiting... i'd LOVE to hear what you like most in today's post > the card? the tags? the sister envy? ha!

have a great day, and stop by later to see what i've been doing on the scrapbooking end of things! :D XOXO


vvb32 reads said...

yay! super! i love your steampunk story! and thanks for creating this piece de resistance!

Karen B. said...

Wowzer, what a great card! Very vintage-y. And again, you're tags are so bright and cheery!

celi.a said...

Yes, yes...we are nerds. And we like it that way. LOVE the card! It's perfect. Really. GOOD WORK, you genius, you.


WOW you have been busy! The tags are gorgeous and I love the composition of your aged card for 365. Wonderful use of embellishments.
Thanks for joining in on my day as Guest Designer!

Sally McD

Sylvia said...

your card is indeed lovely and vintage. Your tags are wonderful as well!

Shirl said...

Whoa Ginny! I'm overwhelmed by all this beautiful creations in just ONE post! And I haven't even got the chance to read the others yet ;) I'm definitely bookmarking you for another round of visit!

Love your work!

Shirl said...

Whoa Ginny! I'm overwhelmed by all this beautiful creations in just ONE post! And I haven't even got the chance to read the others yet ;) I'm definitely bookmarking you for another round of visit!

Love your work!

Michele Gross said...

I'm always jealous of those who can do vintage so well :) I love vintage, it just doesn't like me! LOL! I'm seriously in love with your tags!! So fun, so cheerful, so well done! Love that you are an English teacher! Always loved my Lit classes :D Oh, and you just got more popular by one-I'm a new follower now :)

Amy said...

Awesome card and tags!! I am loving all the little details. I keep scrolling back for more. Thanks for sharing Ginny!!

Cheryl Nelson said...

Such fantabulous creations!!!

Sylvia said...

oh my word.. this is stunning!!!! AMAZING creations!! The card is absolutely FANTASTIC and your tags are just *wow*
Totally love your work! So glad I found your blog!!! TFS!
Sylvia xx

Heidi Van Laar said...

Wow Ginny, That card is so amazing! LOVE all the detail!! Such fabulously fun tags too!

(-: Heidi

Kazan Clark said...

thanks for showing us all the details - the clear panel makes it uber wow!
Thanks for joining us at 2S4Y this week

Giada M said...

You are a genius! I LOVE your works!*-* And the steampunk card is FABULOUS!*-*

Nastassia said...

All your creations are splendid, I love the steampunk card.

debbie said...

Those are really creative ideas. I love steampunk, and the card is a great representation of it.

buddyt said...

I think your card really captures the essence of steampunk.

Nobody could mistake it for any thing else.

Top hat and walking stick, essential elements !


Carol T

budytho {at} gmail DOT com

fredamans said...

Cecelia's sister!! You two look similar, and now I see it. Nice to meet you!!!

throuthehaze said...

Wow! A lot of work went into that card. It looks amazing :)

Aik said...

I love that card! It's awesome!